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Dear friends,

BREAD is a voluntary driven initiative, one of its kind in the country. Its library program is well thought out to improve the education standard of marginalised students of govt. high schools. Observing the abysmal state of govt. school libraries where students have no access to books lying locked up in book cases, BREAD took up its library program in 2009 in composite Andhra Pradesh.

Students are empowered to operate BREAD libraries on their own lending books to classmates to take home read and return. It meets its overheads from small amounts of interest on bank balances. BREAD has established 888 Libraries in government high schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the last eight years. It also replenishes existing libraries with 80 new books once in 3 years.

An Expert Committee selects 650 books of interest to children with colorful graphic designs on moral values, history, biographies, epics, culture, country’s freedom, science, geography, mathematics, general knowledge, personality development, puzzles, sports etc. BREAD selects schools securing 6 or more National Means cum Merit Scholarships in a year to set up a library. It gives valuable prizes annually to 10 students from a school, 2 from each class, for best write-ups on books read by them.

BREAD library consists of 650 books along with a lockable steel bookcase with 4 glass doors for safe custody of books.  Delivery is done free of cost. It does not seek additional donation for giving prizes and for replenishing books from donors contributing Rs. 35,000 for a library. Donors may donate Rs. 2,250 to add 80 books to an existing library.

Tata Institute of Social Services (TISS), Hyderabad has recently conducted a study of BREAD Libraries. It observed “Students found BREAD books to be distinctly better than government supplied books. Not only students but also teachers read BREAD books. These books are put to several uses like essay and elocution competitions. Books are read by siblings and friends and discussions on books take place. Interviews with student volunteers show them to be excited about their role. Even students from schools which did not have student volunteers showed their interest in taking on the responsibility. They stated that reading the books made them happy, gave them new knowledge, opportunities to laugh, develop skills and so on.”

BREAD Scholarships have now been revived for students of DIETs with govt. school education background. Each scholarship is for Rs. 12,000 spread over two years. Selected scholars will visit BREAD library schools in their vicinity to motivate students to read books and give feedback to BREAD Society about performance of libraries visited. It will create synergy between the two programs of BREAD Children’s Libraries and BREAD Scholarships.

BREAD Society is objective in its selections, accountable to all its stakeholders and is transparent in all its activities. Please visit to understand its level of transparency.

Your donation to BREAD Society reaches the beneficiary in its entirety and you can interact with the beneficiary.

Rs. 35,000 to set up a library in a govt. high school in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana

Rs. 12,000 to sponsor a Diploma In Education student’s scholarship of Rs. 6,000 for two years

Rs. 2,250 to donate 80 new books to an existing BREAD library

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