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By Muzaffer Ali

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  • This is Muzaffer I've been working into sales and I'm a professional singer I perform here in Local clubs in India.
  • Why this campaign is important to me?
    I see everyone going online these days sitting on their computers and ordering things but do we think of those offline sellers who stand expecting some people to come and buy their hand made authentic goods? NO. What I'm gonna do is with your help and contribution is getting their business online so even they can earn a lot more then just their bread and butter. Let's help them earn a good life.
  • What contributors will help me achieve is the happiness on the faces of those  hardworking people and build an international brand that not only supports humanity but gives them some good money to survive and I believe not only in India we can grow this Globally and help business and economy.

What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

  • We need USD 10,00,000$ for setting up this company. This cost is for starting this initially. We look forward to recruit 50 people responsible for web designing, hosting to getting this on the ground level. We will focus on getting more and more interns so that we approach the market with fresh minds and support them and we will also focus on some marketing of our website initially so that people are well known about the brand and they buy from us and help offline selleres
  • Its not just a company its a family it can be anybody from this planet the idea is basically to support offline sellers. We will give employments to a lot of people after setting up this organisation we will go for worldwide launch!
  • If I do not reach my entire Goal the funds will be in the hands of working people with me and will be spent wisely into marketing and funds will go to common people.


Depending upon what amount of money you give to us you will be in return given hand crafted high quality products worth the same amount. For e.g. please go on this website to see the different types of segments and high quality textiles, fabrics, stoneworks etc being offered. And trust us we have hundreds of markets like these. So each investor will be given free coupons for upto 75 % of the money they gave us to redeem it on our website.

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