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Startup to provide any kind of human services to people.

Startup to provide any kind of human services to people.

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Overview: Offering any kind of manual services to people.

Why this:

The graph given below 

represents the total 

number of unemployed 

people in India .

Aim: Our  effort is to create jobs for the unemployed and give our customer the best service.

What people want?

Now days, people are so much addicted to online services that they don’t want to go out; but they want everything at their fingertips. From online shopping to online bill payments and everything. But what if they want a labour service, what will they do, they have to get up and go out and search for that person, burning fuel, and then wasting time in bargaining and no guarantee of the work satisfaction. And at the last all they get is “DISAPPOINTMENT!!”

Now here what we will do for them:

We will provide them all kinds of human services from labours to maids to security guards at affordable cost with trust guarantee and work satisfaction.  

How this will benefit the worker:

Workers will have to register at the website/app or at the local branch, set up the price for their service and wait for the service request.

They will have to be present at the site within 24 hours or the refund will be initiated. Every worker will be provided with an identity card.

 They will work only 8 hours a day anytime before 9 pm. If the work will require more than a day, then they can return back home or they can stay at the lodge provided by us in that locality. After the work, customer will be asked to give the feedback of the worker. Worker from each category who gets the maximum number of positive feedback's will be rewarded with a cash prize.

What type of services we will provide:

  • Labours + 80% per helper
  • Security guards
  • Maids
  • Plumbers
  • Technicians
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Painter, etc

Requirements for applying:

  • A passport size photo.
  • Adhaar card.
  • Residence proof*
  • Bank account.
  • Educational certificate and Work experience (providing this will attract more customers).*                                               

*Depending upon the category.

Who can apply:

Anyone. If you are blessed with any talent or you can provide a good service to people, then you are most welcome at Ziami. We’ll be glad to have you in our family.

You can also take this as a part time or a full time job.

Please support us and help us grow so that we can serve you better.

Thank you,

Team Ziami.



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