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My name is Varghese Benjamin and I am raising funds for my 1 year old daughter Gabriela Benjamin Varghese

Gabriela was born August  2016. When she was born we noticed redness on the left side of her face and thought nothing of it, but the doctor informed us that there was a chance of her  having Sturge Weber Syndrome (SWS). This was the beginning of her lifelong journey

SWS are a rare congenital, neurological, and progressive skin disorder. It is associated with Port Wine stain on the face, seizures, and strokes. At 4 months old Gabriela was having seizures and we rushed her to the hospital and through CT scan it was confirmed she has  Sturge weber syndrome and also Ophthalmologist confirmed high pressure on her left eyes and possible with glaucoma and can lead to blindness if not operated . Due to these medical needs, our family has had significant financial demands. Insurance coverage does not cover these surgeries,  MRI, medicines, laser treatment for her port wine stain on the face  and other treatments.

The medical expenses have been constant and extreme. Both of us, as his parents, hold full-time jobs in middle east before and My wife resigned due to of my daughter health condition and then after a month I lost my job as well and we don’t have option, so we need to go back in my country in India. We are unable to keep up with the expenses of this disease. We are hoping to raise funds to allow us to continue with the procedures that Gabriela needs to fight the Glaucoma of  her  eye, as well as continued monitoring of her  brain.

Gabriela’s procedures are listed below:


MRI brain & MRV/MRA

Medicine for her Seizures

 Glaucoma surgeries

12 pulse dye laser treatments for the Port Wine stain

Please help us to reach our fundraising goal. Gabriela has taught us so much over the past 1 year. We have learned many things are not in our control and we have to stay strong and be hopeful for the best. Gabriela is our amazing resilient daughter.

We are grateful for your help!

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