Help widow women anamika for her medical treatment

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My name is jaya toppo . i am anamika's neighbour. I am doing  this for her as she is not  educated.

Anamika, single mother of  two is chronically ill for 3 years and needs urgent money for treatment.

Anamika Baraik is resident of Jalgaipuri, West Bengal. She lost husband very early in life and has two daughters, one 17 years old, working at tea garden as a daily wage labor while the other one 14 years old, studying in class X. The financial condition of her family is not good due to which she has not been able to afford proper treatment while being ill for past 3 years.

In 2015, Anamika got to know that she is suffering from Sugar, and started to take medicine for it but due to poor financial  condition she could not continue the treatment and has been ill since. Due to long illness and improper treatment, her digestion system has suffered which has further weaken her a lot physically for last one year.

Anamika is not sure about her current exact illness since she has not been able to afford treatment and medical tests required. She is very tensed and depressed and wants to get better treatment. In her own words, "Muhe accha khane ka mn krta hai pr main kha nhin pati, shareer k sabhi angon main har samay dard hota rhta hai, visheskr haddiyon mian, meri avastha bhut buri hia (I want to eat better but can not afford, have body pain every instant; my condition has become very bad)".

Please help her out by providing her any amount of money you can. May god bless her!

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