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I'm Vignesh and i am raising money to help fund my education of becoming a master brewer. This is really important to me because of the fact i would really like to change the landscape of beer in India. Millions of farmers here don't understand the landscape and by using my degree i will be able to professionally help farmers out by sourcing good ingredients from them. I will also impact millions of beer drinkers  by providing high quality, amazingly brewed beer.

Also,i am not able to fund myself as my current salary can barely help me cover my travel expenses.With your help i am one hundred percent sure that i will be able to make a difference in my life thereby helping out a thousand more farming families and a million beer drinkers.Please, if you like beer and would like to see some amazing quality beer in the market please help me fund my education.

I am extremely grateful for your help!

Warm Regards


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