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Help us build quality schools

Help us build quality schools

Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
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Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
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Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
funded in 127 days

₹ 1,17,339 Raised of ₹ 15,00,000

44 Donors

₹ 1,17,339 Raised of ₹ 15,00,000

44 Donors in 127 days

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Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
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Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
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Vidhya Vidhai Foundation


Story of Priya:

Tondiarpet, a fishermen town, a typical day starts off for every family way before the sun does. One can see Priya’s mother busily prepare a meal for her child and her father sail to the sea on having the leftovers from the previous night for breakfast. Before leaving home, Priya's mother brushes her hair and whisperes “schoolukku paathu po” (go to school safely) leaving her alone. The mothers’ eyes stood clear, strong and bold with only one vision – “I want to educate my daughter! She should not face the problems that I am facing!” Priya understands the hardships of her parents and learnt to get ready on her own and go to school.

Not only Priya but this is the case for most of the children in and around Tondiarpet.

Noticeably, both parents and children in Tondiarpet believe that education will eradicate all their miseries. The trust they have for the school and the education system is infinite!

The Bigger Problem:

Now, look at the situation of our education system? We very well know that despite our best efforts, our educational development still remains at a low level.

Imagine if this is the situation of the service providers what would the child learn? These children now studying in schools will be the workforce of tomorrow, because of the lack of quality in education the number of educated unemployed people is increasing day by day and this has become a great concern!

Who is answerable to the dreams of Priya’s parents? Who will take responsibility for not enabling Priya fulfill her dreams?

What Vidhya Vidhai does?

There is no one person to be blamed for this situation and hence we at Vidhya Vidhai Foundation are working towards “Whole School Transformation” through which we enable schools to provide better quality education that provides a holistic development of every child. We firmly believe that the core of quality education is right people coming together at the right time, with right skills and with right mindset, therefore we involve all the stakeholders of the school like Principal, Teachers, Parents and Students. We build competencies and relevant skills in teachers and ensure we are realising the dreams and aspirations of every child.

 At present, we are working with 6 schools, around 250 teachers, impacting more than 3500 students in such under-served communities. We owe our progress to mentors like Mr. Sanjay Purohit, Prof. Shashi, Dr. Sujatha Rao, Mrs. Khushboo and Mr. Santosh. Vidhya Vidhai is an incubatee of the first cohort of Edumentum and is mentored by Mantra4Change, Shikshalokam and supported by Advaith Foundation

Why 15 Lakhs?

The amount that we are raising will go into the operation cost of the program. Operational cost is the expenditure for training sessions for teachers, workshops for leaders, building materials for student learning and making the classroom effective. 

You can  Transform
Operational Cost
6 Schools
 INR 1,500,000 
3 Schools
 INR 500,000 
1 School
INR 250,000 
5 Classrooms
INR 125,000 
2 Classrooms 
INR 50,000 
50  Students 
INR 25,000 
20  Students 
INR 10,000 
10 Students
INR 5,000 

If you believe that you can make their dreams come true, join hands with Vidhya Vidhai to educate a child or a class or a school. If, you can be a hero for at least 100 people in this community, the 100 people will impact the next 500 people around them, and this would be possible only when like-minded people come together.

What can you expect from us?

1. Monthly reports of our work in schools 

2. Impact stories through social media

3. An invitation to visit our schools to engage further.

Let the change begin with you, be the change.

Use the information below to make a direct bank transfer through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

  • - Account number : 700701707064747
  • - Account name : Vidhya Vidhai Foundation
  • - IFSC code : YESB0CMSNOC
  • (The digit after B is Zero and the letter after N is O for Orange)
  • OR
  • For UPI Transaction: supportvidhya1@yesbankltd
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