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My name is Chaitanya Khairkar and I am raising funds for our upcoming project, a short Film . The film Laxmi Griha Udyog is a story about an obese married woman whose marriage has been unsuccessful. To support her family she has been working in a company which provides telephone sex to its customers. One day she gets a call from a customer, but later its revealed that this customer is her husband, on asking the husband says that he feels very lonely and empty from inside, being a loyal wife she comforts her husbands and goes with the lie, she continues to pose as the phone sex worker, the husband has no knowledge that the phone sex worker is his wife. Later in the story the husband falls in love with the phone sex worker, he confesses his love for her, he starts talking trash about his wife, saying how he has been shackled in this marriage without his will, he further discloses all the intimate details of his married life, this breaks the heart of the wife.

The wife realises that her in-laws and husband is exploiting her financially and emotionally but due to societal pressure and lack of acceptance she is holding her back. But due to excessive pressure and denial, the wife realises that in 25 years of her life she has not lived a single day as she wishes and self-approval is the biggest demon in her life. Story ends with the lead getting the best employee award at her company and that’s when she realizes that she is self-sufficient to take decisions as per will. She retaliates against the family and the society and continues to live her life free and on her own terms. 

I am an aspiring director. I have written and directed 2 short films, co-conceptualized and co-directed 2 short documentaries  and have directed 2 advertisements for a social cause and want to make this film because in today’s life everyone is just trying to please and impress others, but is one happy with himself or herself or the change he or she makes to impress others? I feel an individual should be him/herself and not what others want to see because that is what makes them a unique individual in this world. Specially in an Indian society where women are questioned for every move they take they are being cornered, there is a need to restore their unique identity. One should be accepted the way they are and one should be happy with what he or she is.

Please help me fulfill my dream by contributing towards my project or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

We are grateful for your help!

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