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By Utkarsh Goel

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Friends and Mitron,

My team and I have embarked on a small journey to make our degree film, at Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication.

The film, titled "Mitr Mandal", is about 4 friends on the last night of college, reconciling their differences, before they leave for good. It's about 4 friends spending their last few hours with each other, for it might be the last time they're together. It's a cathartic story of reconciliation, forgiveness and new beginnings.

As fate would have it, we have dared to dream slightly bigger than the funds we had. Now we have begged, borrowed, and stolen as much as we could, but we're still left with the major chunk of requirements. This accounts mostly for our camera and lighting equipment, which equals the amount we're trying to raise. As student filmmakers, we find ourselves lacking funds, but oozing with courage, confidence and vivacity to make an entertaining, heartfelt and honest piece of cinema regardless. 

It's extremely important to tell this story to every student in every college everywhere, to every kid who looks forward to the college life, and every working professional who had once been there. If even one person picks up the phone to apologise to or forgive a friend after watching our film, then our work here is done. 

Help us put our work out there. Help us in entertaining you. Help us in helping you smile. We'll be grateful if you donate. And stay assured, we won't disappoint!

(You can watch my work here - . My previous film 'If & When' is receiving good response and has crossed 40,000 views on YouTube. It has been featured on Frapp [Facebook] and SBrothers Network. It has also been accepted at FLAMES University's 'First Cut' Festival)

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