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By Sathya Dessappan

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90% of Members in MRC trust are Uneducated and they are depended on   Agriculture , they employed through agriculture on passed years, In that situation there is no rainfall in Tamil Nadu on last year, they are affected by heavy drought and  Agriculture is Dilapidated , So they can't able to cultivate a crop in Lands. Livelihood of the members is affected, so that they unable to fulfill their daily needs.

landlords/owners did not give Agricultural works to the male genders who’s depends on our trust due to much salary, at the same time Female Genders has employ but not have much salary. That little income is not enough to a run daily life for those family members; Childers also affected by drought and did not able to continue the studies, so that if the trust members have standard income Jobs there poverty status will diaper. Our trust vision is to change livelihood of our members to make better. If livelihood changes they have little hope about the future and children’s have good education and food.

As Agricultural Failed a the livelihood of ourmembers ware affected status even they tried to work for landlords/owners butthey didn’t even get proper wages and has to band their knees for salary, soour managing trustee investigated in personal and they had ideas about doingsmall Business and want help from our trust to do business . Some women know tomake baskets  and some peoples likes inselling fishes some others went to start Dairy farm. some other want to startvegetable shop and others like to do plastic material business and others wantto do tailoring and embroiding  businessif each on has to do business they needs at least Rs 50000 for each members, fromour trust we donate each with Rupees 30000 for the balance Rs.20,000 they willget help from their relations, friends. So greatly help them to live theirlives with self confidence

Why our managing trustee is advising every women to live with their self confidence because she is also a victim who had last her parents and thrown away by her brothers at her young age and she also tortured by her husband, Mother –in-law and brother in law for dowry. She also struggled with her 6 year old daughter and stood on her own self confidence and struggled in many ways to brought up her daughter she alone brought with self confidence small saving to rise her daughter, till now she also take care on her daughter and grand children this sort of self confidence made to start a trust in order to help other people who are struggling with their life and livelihood. Most of the members in our trust were the young widows with young children those women are struggling for their lives and their children’s. Some other women’s ware tortured by her drunkard husband who took all their wages to drink , housewives ware struggling to run their family. Those drunkard husband were torturing their wives and children by breaking them and made them starve.  After Knowing all their family situation of these women our trustee decided to help them to start their small scale business. It will improve the self confidence of all other women in our trust and their children will grow in the good stage and their studying skill also improved. They can also try to make their own business without others help or work in others companies without need of help. In order to make these possible all the kindly harked people should come for the help these poverty people. Once again I kindly thank all kindly hearted people who helps our trust members to make their life happier and save their livelihood.  Again Thanks for all………

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