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Hirabai Kirkire is a 25-year-old mother of 2 young children. She lives in Amle, one of the most inaccessible parts of Mokhada. It is a tiny hamlet with 60 families and is situated in the middle of a forest with no electricity and roads.

We initiated project to ensure electricity to every household, streetlights and clean drinking water through filtration. Water was also made available for irrigation through solar energy. This gave farming a boost and 17 families decided to grow a second crop other than their staple diet of finger millets and paddy. Hirabai was one of them. Hirabai took up the challenge of taking care of her farm, despite being alone as her husband had migrated from the village in search of job opportunities.

In the last two years, she has grown multiple crops of chillies, tomato, okra and bitter-gourd. Not only that, she has been marketing and selling her produce as well. She now earns a seasonal income of Rs 20,000 to 25,000 and has been raising her two kids comfortably. Her husband has come back to the village and now helps Hirabai in the farm.

Hirabai was recently awarded the Shiv Gaurav Puraskar, by Yuva Sanskruti Mandal initiated by MLA Pratap Sarnaik; an award given to 12 emerging entrepreneurs from the state, for her outstanding courage. Hirabai is a source of inspiration for other women in the area and she urges everyone to be the owner of their own farms rather than being just a labourer.

We at Diganta Swaraj would like to create many such community Hero's

Our Vision:-

To bring sustainable change to the lives of tribal communities and rural poor such that they are empowered to access and utilise their resources to the optimum, keeping in mind the principles of social justice and human dignity.


  1. Livelihood: Ensuring that relevant Government programmes are implemented to generate sustainable assets in villages to increase employment opportunities and reduce migration; engaging in water solutions and agricultural innovations to impact quality of life of the villagers.

The chief tools used for attaining these objectives are through

  • Group farming activity– group of 5-20 farmers form a livelihood group and do collective marketing. we will provide the technical support and undertakes capacity building and training of farmers: -- 
  • Costs 8000/- per farmer: we are looking to reach 1000 Farmers

  • Sheti maitar: Friend of farmers Farmer coordinators are appointed in each group to guide them on crop agronomy, credit handling and market linkages. Costs 5000/-

  • Demonstration: On- field training to farmers on use of pesticides, construction of ridges etc:- Costs 40000/- per acre

  • Rainwater- harvesting work: Construction of cordons and subsurface bunds for storage of water
  • Costs 100000/- per Structure

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