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The climate crisis is threatening our earth and we humans are responsible. If we continue to act as we have up to this point, it will result in catastrophic consequences.Yet, there is far too little being done to stop this. We want to change that along with the children through actions.

We have raise this fund primarily for people like us, kids and teenagers,because we are the ones who will pay for it if adults do not solve these global problems. However, we are also consciously directing this campaign to adults parents, teachers, politicians, entrepreneurs and others in our society, because we want them to help us in what we are doing.

Our Plant for the Planet earth initiative was very small when it began in 2015, but since then it has become a global movement. Compared to most adults, who only talk about climate change, we are actually doing something about it. You too can experience how great planting can be if you decide to join in and help. You will learn what “climate change” means, how much we humans contribute to it and what we can do in order to protect our environment.

You will see why it is so important that we commit ourselves to more climate protection and climate justice in this world. And we will explain to you why we are planting trees to achieve these goals.

We therefore appeal your help to contribute in to our campaign so that we can proceed forward in to our mission for the important of environment protection.

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