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Hi! I'm Aranav Baid, a 16 year old student from Visakhapatnam. Growing older, I am beginning to comprehend the magnitude of the problems prevalent in our society. I want to help change things for the better and do something for the community. There is a school for blind girls here. Though the teaching facilities there are quite commendable, one thing they lack is a proper course in spoken english. Now knowing proper english is something that has become essential in the world of today. I wanted to help these young girls, who may not have sight, but dream just as big as any. I consider myself proficient in english having gotten national 2nd rank and international 4th rank in the International English Olympiads. So, I feel qualified to share my love of english with these girls and help them become self confident individuals. However, when I intimated the principal about my desire to hold classes for these girls, she explained that the government's rules prohibit males from teaching visually impaired females for obvious reasons. But there was still a way. Through skype and headphones, which each girl will receive, I could teach them wirelessly right from my home. Hence, we need the money to set up internet facilities and monitors and headphones to enable me to communicate with them. What I can tell you is that sometimes, we get connected with a cause and that feeling of having done good is priceless. This is a cause I want to be associated with and work for. So help me and help these girls. They can do so much if given the chance. Give them a chance. You'll be surprised!

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