Rehabilitation of flood victims & their employment

By Upal Chakraborty

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I work in a private organization in Gurgaon. Every year I visit Kolkata during Durga Puja and this time was not any exception. In general I enjoy with my friends, family and meeting relatives.

Empowerment For Unemployed Backward Villages In India - story -6

This year something odd happened which changed my views and bothered me a lot. In every newspaper I saw advertisement of Durga Puja Pandals worth 10 Crores, 12 Crores, etc. but hardly saw anyone helping those poor people who were begging for food and work. Their children crying for food. Yes you heard it right, these people were ready to do any work and earn money so that they can get some food for their family who were with him on the roads, footpaths, etc. No they are not beggars, they are victims of deadly flood which occurred due to heavy rain in July and August 2017, in West Bengal. Dhaniakhali of Hooghly district and Ghatal in West Midnapore district were the two worst affected areas. 1,79,321 hectares out of 10,82,285 hectares of paddy seedbeds were damaged. At least 50 people died while nearly 20 lakh were affected in over 160 villages, which were inundated due to heavy rains. 2,301 people were evacuated from their houses and 2,02,957 hectare of agricultural land was submerged. Around 7,868 houses were entirely destroyed while 44,361 were partially damaged in West Bengal.

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Water was also released from Tilpara barrage in Birbhum. As a result, the Mayurakshi river inundated hundreds of acres of farmland. Water was reported to be rising fast in Chandrabhaga, Kopai and Bakreswar rivers in Birbhum district. In Hooghly district, embankments along the Darakeswar river were washed away and flood water gushed towards Arambagh town. In the 14 flood-hit districts in West Bengal, 27 lakh people had been affected by flood. The government had set up 311 relief camps where over 47,000 people have taken shelter. Most of these people support the ruling party and got shelter. What about the rest?? They are begging in the streets of Kolkata just for work. Very few to help them or support them one time or twice.

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I spoke to 10 people or so, these people have taken shelter under some flyover, some over high-drains, some in the corner of waste lands, etc. They know how to make handicraft items, clothes, earthen items, etc. They just need some help for raw materials, tools and some backup to feed their family. In my private job I can hardly support my family properly, so I'm not in a position to help 1000s of people. 

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For that I need your help so that they can earn their own living and survive by making items and selling them as per their expertise. Hope to get some support from your end. I have no particular demand from your side. You are your best judge, whatever you feel that you can donate, please do so that this goes for a noble cause. As per Sir Issac Newton, "to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". It actually happens. Today you do good to someone, tomorrow someone will do good to you. 

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5 Lacs is not enough to help so many people. My target is between 10 to 15 lacs but with the minimum target I want to stat helping people. Waiting for people like you to stretch your hands. Just sacrifice half the amount you spend on your leisure like Smoking and drinking and that can change someone's fortune.

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We smoke Cigarettes, drink Alcohol of various brands, waste money in many other things. Why not donate some to these needy people?

Empowerment For Unemployed Backward Villages In India - story -8

 Why not sacrifice one month's Cigarettes or drinks or tobacco for them who really needs a hand.

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