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I Want to set up a Pathology center so that it will not only give me and my family a source of some income, but also it will provide income to another 20-25 people , like if a Dr. writes a test to a patient he/she is sometimes unable to reach a pathology center to get the investigation done, which is an very important part of treatment now a days , so boys working with a doctor can collect the sample of a patient and hand it to us and gets some commission on the same which becomes his extra earning,

Secondly in villages there r so many quaks Dr. who practices in villages they can provide us samples of patients who are unable to reach us.

Thirdly i want to dedicate this Pathology center for the poor who can not get their investigations done because of cost. this center will defenately provide huge discounted rates for the poor people to get their tests done.
As every body knows that an investigation is an important tool in hand of a Dr and helps a Dr. to better cure his patient.

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