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By Puneet Saharey

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How you identify a person knocking your door for donation in weekends morning?

There are people, who want to donate. They can easily donate small amount of their earning or other things but they are confused. Confusion of where to donate? Are the donation receivers genuine?

At GIFTMESMILE.COM , we are solving this problem.

Our Unique Solution.

  • will be a unique e-commerce website, where products(Smiles) will be listed at Rs 0/-
  • These products (Smiles) can be added by any person who want to donate something (cloths, chocolates, food etc)
  • Giftmesmile Team will approve the registration of orphanage after complete verification
  • After approval, they can start ordering smiles at Rs 0/-
  • Giftmesmile will take responsibility to pickup and deliver these smiles from donor's doorstep and deliver to orphanage. 
  • Orphanage will upload (against that order) few pics of children using those smiles
  • Donor can check those pics and get satisfaction followed by giving good rating to that orphanage
  • If Donor is not satisfied, can rate bad to that orphanage 


  • Verified orphanage
  • Donor satisfaction
  • Exponential Increase in number of donations due to easy to donate system
  • Reduce waste and save environment
  • many More...

Why need funding? 

  • Development of such system require Rs 0/- as we are developers.
  • Promotion to make it reachable to most of the target audience will need sufficient fund
  • Dedicated marketing team to verify and on-boarding orphanage will need sufficient fund
  • Delivery management will need sufficient fund

If you have liked the idea and want to be part of it just hit the donate button and fund us to help in achieving this small milestone to make this idea a reality. 

Donate Rs 1/ 50/ 100/ 500/ 1000 or whatever best you can make for us, but please don't let this idea die... 

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