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By Sugandha Sukrataraj

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The Community of Adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability, 1% of India’s population lack social skills, are vulnerable, have behavioural disrupts during puberty, but despite all these challenges, they still deliver. The movie above showcases their amazing culture of excellence within their capacity and capability.

2100 adults within 105 AMBA's Certified Partner Centres (ACPC) are going into work in the financial year 2018-19. The first fifteen ACPCs are in the final stages of simulated work training.

They need a break. The funding accrued through this channel will maximise support  to the AMBA Program.

Sugandha Sukrutaraj, founder of AMBA and author of its curriculum, is an Ashoka Fellow with years of experience in developing a sustainable livelihood solution for Adults with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability, focusing on visual data entry and peer training and supervision. This, along with 11 years of experience in Aviation & IT, gives her the mainstream know-how for enabling sustainability.

AMBA’s concept has been shared with over 475 Special Institutions in 25 states across India and growing, helping them become small hubs for Learning and Earning.

AMBA was conceived to ensure Economic Empowerment to this community.

Sugandha realized that Economic Empowerment enabled this Community to become contributors to their family and society making families respect and treat them with dignity.

Right from the word go, it was decided to ensure AMBA did not reinvent the wheel by taking on overhead expenditures of rentals, building spaces, etc. AMBA collaborated with Special Institutions, using their infrastructure, trainers and adults with intellectual disabilities and then Sugandha hired two special educators at her cost and started the Research which led to what AMBA is today.

2004 - 2013 -The Evolution of the AMBA Concept has been a long journey of development and understanding for AMBA :

…2003-2004: The process of research - Sugandha started visiting special schools in 11 states and continued her research using Area Directors from Special Olympics in 24 states in India.

…2000 onward and ongoing: Understanding This Community - 30 million Intellectually Disabled Adults in India with IQs below 80 live without the hope or capability of developing as professional, earning adults. Theirs is a life of existential dependence.

Intellectual Disability is a developmental disorder with extremely delayed milestones and very low cognitive ability. The challenge manifests in impaired ability to reason or recall, behavioral problems and very often results in all the associated challenges such as physical disability, seizures, speech and visual defects. The disability is seldom genetic, and for this reason remains largely ‘invisible’ as appearances rarely show the disability. Most importantly, they do not have the social skills to go out and work within Mainstream jobs.

The Intellectually Disabled community is the most marginalized section of society in India. Most government schools accept and patronize this community up until the age of 14, following which they are entertained through non-earning vocational practices only until the age of 16. Aside of the years of ridicule that AMBA had to offset, the challenge they faced lay in assuring that this community had the ability to independently ensure their future was secure.

We will be so grateful if you can help contribute in empowering this community!

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