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" The inspiration for this project has been taken all the way from africa where they have sucessfuly installled a no of these water towers . these are simple contraptions made from bamboo and fabric which work on the principles of condensation i will soon share a exact vedio with you on how exactly this water tower works "


I am Jayant a 27 yr old Entrepreneur with a vision to make our country ahead in all the fields i can currently m running my own food truck startup and a community gifting programme to help the downtrodden and the needy  . During my travels across north and west i came across several communities that struggling for their daily basic needs including water and seeing thier plight i decided to take some action . The problem is genuine there is not much fresh ground water left and that is left is not accessible easily by the poor people the solution BUILD A WATER TOWER a water tower is a device that captures the water from atmosphere condenses it and collects it one tower can collect between 30-40 litres water daily depending on size and design so i decided to work on the same now a water tower costs 100000 which these poor people cant afford so on thier behalf m gonna create a organisation that will work to eradicate water problems food problems and other issues being faced by these communities i would like to urge all of you out there we live in comfy homes drive big cars eat or drink whatever we want but there are those out threre who are bereft of even the basic needs of water and food and its time we took action if all come together and contribute for this cause there will be no draughts no people will die of thirst and no one will sleep hungry just a small contribution of 1000 can go a long way in eradicating the problems of these people .


i have a wide variety of experience working for different social causes since my collage and also been associated with few non profit organisations working to provide employment skills and traing to the unemployed so they too can earn and stand on their own feet . 

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