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I am who I am today because of the exposure and opportunities provided to me by my family and school. I believe that all of us have been blessed with the gift of choice to pursue the direction we aspire to follow. 

Now, imagine living in a bleak world where one feels that today's circumstances will determine their entire life. Imagine being caged in a static world with no hope for a better tomorrow. Imagine being told that there is no place for dreams and aspirations...the mere thought of such a dark universe sends a cold chill down my spine!

What if I tell you that there are millions of kids living in this reality and getting through life believing that there is nothing better in store for them. THAT is the sad reality of the kids from low income schools in India. I co-founded The Apprentice Project (TAP) with the hope of changing the lives of these kids and empowering them to realize their unique potential

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We are our most efficient and happy selves when we do what we love (music is one of those things for me!). THAT is the opportunity TAP envisions for each child in the country. Kids from low income schools are seldom given this option to “choose” - choose to learn and do what their heart desires, where their passion lies. TAP envisions a day when every child will be empowered to realize her/his unique potential by pursuing what she/he loves.

TAP gives kids the option to choose and learn one skill from within the verticals of Visual Arts (sketching, painting, crafts, etc.), Performance Arts (drama, music, dance, etc.), Sports (football, kho-kho, ultimate frisbee, etc.), and Cognitive Skills (coding, electronics, etc.). Highly-skilled facilitators passionate to teach those skills are mapped to mentor a group of 15-20 kids through the year. A curriculum based approach is used to build core life-skills of self-realization, critical and creative thinking, and collaborative working organically while the kids are engaged in learning what they love. These skills ensure they are ready for the real world, and will eventually help them break out of the spiral of poverty. 

In the academic year 2017-2018, TAP is operating in 11 under-resourced schools in Pune, India, with 83 TAP facilitators impacting 1100+ kids. In the next academic year, i.e. 2018-19, TAP's goal is to reach 1500+ kids across 15 schools in Pune/Mumbai, India through 100+ facilitators

My aim is to sponsor 60 children for the academic year 2018-19. For this, I am looking to raise INR 2,16,000 (USD 3360). You can support empowering these kids by contributing financially. 

Cost of 01 child per month: INR 300 / USD 5 (approx.)

Cost of 01 child per year: INR 3600 / USD 60 (approx.)

Cost of 10 kids per year: INR 36000 / USD 600 (approx.)

Cost of 01 vertical (art, coding, etc.) per school per year: INR 54000 / USD 900 (approx.) 

Remember, this is YOU making a difference and supporting someone who could not even imagine that she/he would one day have the opportunity of learning what she/he loves. Come, be a part of the TAP movement to help the kids realize their unique potential and achieve a better tomorrow by enabling them to learn what they love, today. 

Warm regards,

Maitreyi Gunye 

TAP Co-Founder

P.S. :- All contributors will receive periodic updates on the progress of the organization, and pictures of the children learning and growing. 

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