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Hello to all, hope you're having a pleasant day :)

My name is Tenzin, mother is from Tibet, father French, i was born here in India. i am twenty years old had to drop out of school to work when i was just under 17yo. but i cant complain, life is great in india <3 

From the youngest age i was fascinated and absolutely in love with motorbikes and generally all mechanical things. i have a good grasp on tools and been working on a few "projects" ever since i got my first CD100ss in 2010, but funding was always tight. My job sustains my food and bills but my passion is just not advancing.. A close friend and fellow mechanic once told me, "Even those who have nothing in the world can still invest their time" (to learn and do good things) 

My dream, why i'm here, is to one day own a small workshop with tools to work on my projects, build, create, repair all sorts of things. 

Any help is most welcome, i'll make the best use of every Paisa, i promise ;) 

Never in my life have a asked for this kind of thing, or any finance in general, but here i am today, asking for your help..


Kindly consider, 

Thank you in advance

                                                                                                                                                                                     Tenzin :)

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