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My name is Pradeep kakade and I am raising funds for Aarmabh Palliative cancer Care Center we have taken initiative to serve the cancer patients in a way that they could die with less pain (mental and physical) we have started several programmes such as counselling center, support group, Diagnosis camps, Referral services etc. We have great challenge ahead to collect the funds to full fill the basic requirements. we need your support to help the needy cancer patients 

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 Aarambh Palliative Cancer Care Center.Help Us To Help Others - story -7

Friends, this is start of Dreams, Human beings are developing day by day, and daily we have news of lots of inventions. Our life has new speed. We found new horizons. After having lots of things, there are lots of changes in our daily routine, our daily activities. Which causes sudden changes on human health & most of them are side effects. CANCER is one of them.

What is Palliative?
An agriculture field uses lots of chemicals, pesticides to increase growth of plants or increase in output from soil in terms of crops & in terms of money. Due to highly use of such material, they are transferring to human body from food. And those are cancer agents, main cause to increase cancer. Our changing food habits, Raw material & chemicals used in preparation of food also causes cancer. There is no exact or proper medicine to cure cancer till date. Palliative means to make culture or environment to patients those are reached at last stage of cancer & this environment should be painless.

How Aarambh works?
We have started huge movement towards Counseling and Janjagruti. We are organizing many events at Schools, Colleges and Villages where we are giving introduction about cancer to participants & doing awareness about in natural habits which causes cancer. We also doing programs by which we can provide information to Youth about cancer awareness, causes of cancer, avoid smoking and tobacco habits & what are their side effects of human health and how they convert into cancer. We are also organizing camps, where people can participate for free checkups related Cancer. We are providing help desk to cancer patients where they can get free treatment if they are economically weak. We are also forming support groups, where patients can give one day to us& we make that day beautiful than their expectation.

Aarambh Palliative Cancer Care Center!
We have started work towards develop a cancer care center as shown in above image. It will start fully functioning on 12th January 2019. This fully equipped center will be placed near Chandbibi Mahal, Kalyan-Vishakhpattanam National Highway-61, in Ahmednagar.

How do we achieve?
With all our efforts and contribution, we can achieve this dream. We find a simple solution. Join 100000 People with our organization and these member will contribute Rs. 1 per day. This small amount will converts in big tree of Palliative Cancer Care Center.

How can you help?
There are many people, those are fighting with Cancer. Cancer is not limited to patient; Cancer develops many issues in Family in terms of money and in terms of mental strain & stress. All treatments are very much costly. So normal people cannot pay such huge amounts. These treatments are very much painful to patients as well as family members too. So, with help of our palliative cancer care center, this will definitely reduced. So you can refer such patients tous, and we can give them as much as we can.

We are grateful for your help!

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