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NOODLE app is a freeware and cloud based instant social networking service. The application provides a platform to express, connect and share media with other users instantly. You can Broadcast your thoughts, seek information, get help, find and discuss with experts of any background. You can receive an instant notification when something has been added to your already subscribed room. you can like, dislike, comment ans share any user's status instantly.

Say Hello To NOODLEAPP - An Instant Social Network - story -2The problem with current Social Networks :

The main purpose of social network is to keep up with what’s going on with our friends’ lives, so you’d think it would be pretty obvious that scrolling through your news feed will show you a list of what your friends are posting in the order that they’re posted. When it comes to what you see in your feed (i.e., what is being posted by your friends and people/Pages you follow).You will end up missing posts you would be very interested in or you keep seeing the same posts at the top of your feed after you’ve already read them. They’re also not in the order they were posted, so you’ll see one post from three days ago, followed by another from 10 minutes ago, followed by one from yesterday, etc. which don't make for a very natural experience.
You will also often find that unless you make a paid promotion, a few in your audience will actually see your social media status update. This is due to their algorithms that determine what people see in their news feeds. An average  6% of your audience will see what you post on other social networks. In comparison to this an average email open rate of 22% and you can see the difference. In Other words, if you have 2000 facebook fans or friends & 2000 twitter followers on twitter - this is what you will get.
120 facebook fans will see your status updates and40 twitter followers will see your tweet.
So, how many job opportunities, offers, important updates, retails sales, events have you heard about before they  already happened?

Then how to reach your all audience instantly?

How can we overcame above problem with NOODLEAPP

When a real time messaging service turns into full time social network that can efficient to broadcast your voice and your thoughts to large number of people. When we use a real time protocol to build a social network we may overcame above problems.This made me to introduce a new social networking app called N.O.O.D.L.E(NETWORK OF ORGANIZED DATA WITH LIVE ENTRY).

How to use NOODLEAPP :

NOODLEAPP is user friendly simple social network, all You Need a mobile number to register with network. Bellow shown video will explain about live actions of Noodleapp and how to use NoodleApp.
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Features of NoodleApp:

Social Rooms : Unlike other social networks which post content in news-feed format, our app uses social rooms as it primary system.

Followers : Follower is someone who subscribed channel, group and user page to receive updates.

Reaction Buttons : Like, dislike,comment, share buttons enables users to easily interact with status updates, photos, videos, links shared by followers

Push Notifications : Real time room notifications tells user that something has been added to his already subscribed room.

Channels :  Channels can be created for broadcasting status to unlimited number of subscribers. All our network registered users can create and join channels. You can create two types of channels 1) public channel 2) private channel
While a public channel is an open for all platform,private channels enable you to share content exclusively with your invitees. Ofcourse, users can leave a channel anytime they like.

End to end encryption : industry standard encryption technology.

Cloud-based storage :  All the data within network will be saved in a cloud-servers and can be accessed on any other device. Users can share video, images and other files without size limit .

Single page : Users can showcase any item,place orders,access customer service and also ask for community help using the single page option. This allows the user to create a squeaky clean one frame page.


5 Questions  that make you think noodle is so special than others:

1)Are you tired of repetitive social media posts which wasting your time?

2)Why should a social network dictates what you must see and what we must not see?

3)Are you still invisible to large portion of your friend list on your social network ?

4) Are you tired of spammy accounts without any verifications?

5) Why should you accept  requests from Friends -of- Friends  or strangers you barely know?

What makes NOODLEAPP So Special :

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Uses of  NOODLE APP :

Entertainment : Get your favourite meme's, updates about movies, reviews, funny pictures, funny videos and more!

Local Business : Reach your local business to customers easily. You can create Bank, bar, book store, local event, food, grocery, hotel, movie theater and  art gallery channels to send updates to your followers
Company Organisation or institution : Send and receive company updates, consulting service, institution updates.

Cause or community : Spread the word about your social cause.

Brand or Product :  Know about brand or product and  review of any product.

Public figure : Receive quick updates from public figure.

Community Help : Discuss and seek information from experts of all communities.

Buy and sell :  Get the best deals from people.

Live traffic updates : Never get stuck in traffic jam, warn others and receive live traffic updates of your area.
Also you can create a channel or group from following categories.

Why am I fundraising?

It's important to know what is the background of the application. Noodleapp uses ejabberd XMPP protocol application server written in Erlang programming language. It's ideal for accomodating huge communication systems,but, noodleapp is unique social network which need most customization. Due to its uniqueness NOODLEAPP network requires significant customization in XMMP protocol,YAWS SERVER and a few rest API's.
In trading its prowess for accomodating huge communication system with ease for extensive customization,developers need about 200 Hours to optimize the app's capacity for fault-tolerance,ad scalable and crash-proof.
Right now, we are paying out of pocket to have the beta version developed for both iOS and Android. Once 100% of the beta features are implemented, we will be distributing the app as a limited market release to make sure this is an app people will use and love. As we work toward developing and building the app for a worldwide release, we will be needing funding to pay for our local developer's team, marketing, maintaining servers and maintain our backend operations.

What do I plan to do with the funds?

With the Funds you backed we work toward developing  scalable and fault-tolerance application for both IOS and Android Versions.  We will use your funds  pay for our local developer's team, marketing, maintaining servers and maintain our backend operations.

Here are a few examples of amounts you can donate:

  • INR 2000, You will get "SUPPORTER", displayed under your username on the app.
  • INR 3000, You will get "SUPER SUPPORTER", displayed under your username on the app.
  • INR 5000, You will get  "VERIFIED ACCOUNT WITH BLUE TICK" On your profile.

Want some clarifications? Hit us at Now. We'd love to hear from you.

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