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By Dr Himanshu Gupta

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My name is Dr. Himanshu Gupta and I am raising funds for Srishtee which is working towards the rehabilitation and education of housemaids.  They are at present taking care of 50 housemaids and need INR 500000/- amount to send them to school in their community which is created by Srishtee.

Women Empowerment is increasingly seen as a process by which women without power - gain greater control over their lives in the society, be it home or work place. This process involves the psychological level of a woman's ability to assert the so called "first generation rights" (political & civil liberties) as well as the "second generation rights" (economic and social rights). Women in a conventional society’s concept require principally a social support to fight their sense of inadequacy and fears to enhance their self-respect and dignity in the society.

At Srishtee, they work on the advocacy of women’s rights and gender equality by emphasising on the following issues 

  • Increase in self-esteem, individual and collective confidence.
  • Change in roles and responsibility in family & community.
  • Increase access and ability to gather information.
  • Positive changes in social attitudes
  • Awareness and recognition of women's economic contribution within and outside the household. 

Hence i  request everyone to kindly support our cause by donating and sharing our fundraiser.

Your funds will be utilized in the salary of teachers, rent of space and arranging the books and stationery for interested women.

We are grateful for your help!

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