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My name is Balagopal. I am from Kerala. I am seeking funds to support 50 below poverty line (BPL) palliative patients per year residing within a radius of 10 kilometres from our college as an extension service provided by the department of social work by providing aids such as wheel chairs/ walkers/ air beds/ adult diapers/ disinfectants, anti-septic hand lotions, urine bags and disposable mattresses whichever assessed to be necessary for patient conditions and also, a monthly provision for nutritional supplements prescribed by their doctors up to a fixed amount.

There is no way to shift or shake off one’s sufferings and pain..

These people lived a life of all joys and fulfilment till the day they got defeated by the villain in disguise of critical illnesses. Its not the end… they have to stretch till the last day; playing cat and mouse with their fate; which sometimes relieve and some other times; crush them with limitless pain..

The limits of tolerance and resources get drained off, spent towards costly treatments and procedures by the time they get bedridden; making their remaining time on the earth; worst to hell!!

Is it sufficient a reason to leave someone to a death of endless suffering that he/she is poor? Everyone born on this earth deserves a life with dignity and support to maintain his/her well-being to the limit, best possible. Even when sinking, one needs all provisions to make his day till his/her last breathe on this earth.. When one fail to make it on his own, it comes among the responsibilities of the people around to ensure that the person affected is living and dying in top dignity..

How you can alleviate the sufferings and pain from these lives??

We are in need of funds necessary for providing material support to 50 palliative patients within 10 kilometre radius of our college; per year. Your donations will ensure that money doesn’t restrict the fulfilment of these persons’ needs. The most divine part is that; the contribution you make might be fulfilling perhaps, the last wishes of a few; who might not be able to see the next sunrise. You could also share this initiative by sharing the campaign page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Whatsapp(on mobile) and spread the word about this priority service so that your friends and family can learn about it and come forward to offer support.

Persons from poor families are in worse situations since the costs for palliative care materials are high. Even if they are getting services from both government and NGO sectors in the form palliative care and medicines, there is little provision for supplying essential materials like physical aids, consumables and food supplements to all the needy as on now. We hope to supplement this deficit by raising supports and providing it in the form of materials in a need based manner.

Your contribution will reflect in the lives of the most needy and suffering..

Cost break up
Total cost
% of utilisation
Wheel chair or air bed or walker or a combination of needed items with cost up to 7000/- max. (one time)
7000*50= 3,50,000
Adult diapers/ disinfectants, anti-septic hand lotions, urine bags and disposable mattresses whichever necessary with cost up to 1000/- per month (monthly)
1000*50*12= 6,00,000
nutritional supplements necessary with cost up to 800/- per month (monthly)
800*50*12= 4,80,000
Funeral assistance (for most unfortunate events of death) with funding up to 3400/- max. (one time) or towards additional materials, as found necessary on completion of 1 year.
Need assessment & evaluation costs
Programme implementation cost
Total cost

Cost calculated per person per month: 3333.33/-

About us

We are Sree Narayana Guru College of arts & Science, Paingottoor, EKM, Kerala, social work department's extension services society. We got a team of Professional social workers and social work trainees in the department of social work; who are already active in various fields of service. We raised funds locally and donated 5 air beds and 2 wheelchairs to a palliative care home of our locality, where we have been rendering our volunteering support and participation in activities till the time of inception of our department. We are engaged in similar services with all adjacent NGOs with equal passion. We conducted a community survey already; collecting socio-economic and health data of the families and realised that the magnitude of palliative care requirement is high among poor families.

 By coordinating with palliative care providers and after comprehensive family assessment and consultation with the external care team involved, we can provide the materials up to the level needed if we could be supported with funds necessary. We have now, united our services under the umbrella of an extension services society as registered by the department, with the mission of supporting the local community, which is under the processing of registration. By the time we get it through, we are planning to render our support to the neediest persons in a timely and continued manner. Since palliative cases have the nature of sinking unpredictably, we feel the urgency to act upon the situation.

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It needs the wholehearted efforts of one and all to enlighten the sufferings of bedridden persons. They wouldn’t have come to come to us when they were in good health. But; now that, they can’t come or even move out from their houses and are in sufferings and pain, we goes to them.. We know that serving just 50 is very minimal when considering the magnitude of unmet needs. When the cost for even basic provisions is concerned; we are really in need of your big helping hands!!

We are grateful for your help!

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