Don’t let cancer take away my 1-year-old Siddhi

By Akansha ray

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We have moved 5 cities in the last 7 months. We traveled from Chattisgarh to Hyderabad to Ahmedabad to Bombay to Chennai - to save my 1-year-old Siddhi’s life. 

Siddhi was 6-months when we found out that she was suffering from cancer. I was massaging her body when I noticed swelling in her abdomen. Diagnosis showed she had liver cancer. My husband and I couldn’t believe it. How could a baby have cancer, we wondered. 

She was put on a high dosage of Chemotherapy. While usually children are not given more than 8 rounds (even 8 is a very high number) Siddhi was put on 10 rounds of Chemotherapy. But her health was showing no improvement. 

We took her from one doctor to another, from one city to another to get her the treatment she needed. The heavy chemotherapy also stunted her growth. She is a year old now and yet she is only 5 kgs and can’t stand up on her own like she should. 

The doctor in Chennai told us that she needed an urgent surgery to remove the tumor in the liver. Within 3 days, we had to arrange for Rs. 10 lakhs for the surgery. We borrowed the sum from a friend and are trying to slowly pay it back. We have spent a total of Rs. 20 lakhs on the treatment so far, most of which has been loaned by family members and friends.

Siddhi has a twin sister, Riddhi. Since most of my time goes to the hospital, taking care of Siddhi, my husband, a small contractor in Chhattisgarh, had to leave work to take care of Riddhi. We have no income to support us and the bills are piling up. 

Even after the surgery, Siddhi is still under threat of a relapse. The chemotherapy has to go on but we have nowhere left to go seek help. 

This might be my daughter’s last chance to fight cancer and grow up normally. 

Your contribution can help us keep the treatment going. You can also help us by sharing our story on your Facebook or Whatsapp! 

We have very little time to stop cancer from taking away Siddhi. 

We will be grateful for whatever you can do,

Akansha Ray


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