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Earth is a very beautiful place to look at and to live in, if we actually look around there's major destruction of nature every minute. In the emerging trends of industrialization, urbanization, and globalization; the important part of our ecosystem TREES are totally and completely being neglected. By this continuous negligence, there is lesser and lesser rainfall every year, the rise in temperatures, global warming, pollution etc.

In everybody's heart, there is a deep wish to save the trees and to contribute for the betterment of our environment. Everybody wants to change the world for better and make Earth much greener and sustainable for our future generation. BUT NOBODY WANT TO BE THAT FIRST WHO CAN MAKE THE INITIAL EFFORT TO START THE CHANGE.

We all want to have the most wonderful piece of furniture for our house but forget that those trees are the most important for our ecosystem.

I am sure that people, activist, politicians, environmentalists are unaware that approximately 25 lakh trees are being chopped down every day in the world just to make 5000 products as paper, pulp, cardboard, charcoal, tissue, matchsticks, types of furniture and so on.

and where are those tree products going? ultimately to the GARBAGE.

Our precious Earth has given its nutrition and life over the years, but we cut it, make products and just throw it away.

A product being bio degradable is not an issue, but the highly important and unnoticed issue here is the trees being chopped down every day. How can that product be safe for earth when lakhs of trees are chopped down every day and Almost 30 to 40% of India's garbage consist of that tree product.

When killing a person is called murder, then why isn't killing trees is also a murder??? But in my proud India, killing cow is GAUHATYA.

When you have never planted that tree then you don't even have rights to cut it down.

Saving trees is saving Earth, and saving Earth is saving all the lives.

Thousands came, thousand went, but if we do not stop the destruction of trees and forest atleast now, then I am sure that our future generations will never be able to stop cutting, then they'll never forgive us for being lazy and just spectators.

I made a product which could actually save trees. this product is made with few natural materials.

What kind of product is this?? This is a bio degradable product which can replace some of the tree based products. I can even replace this material with plastic covers, plastic bottles and other plastic items. But I don't have so much money to make researches on it.

Where can this product be used ??? IN EVERYTHING. You read it right. This product can be used in everything. you name a thing and I'll fit my product in it.

The best part of this products is that none of the trees are harmed in making. Unfortunately, I can't explain more about it as I am applying for the patent for this product.

If you go to the dentist first you'll ask him for the way to save that tooth, you don't firstly go for a root canal. Planting new trees is not the solution. Preserving the decade old trees is the only solution.

Here I am pledging for 3lakh rupees. And the 3lakh rupees will be spent on the manufacturing of the product in mass and for applying for the patent.

I've got only one life to make changes in the biggest man-made self-destruction of the planet, by cutting down trees.

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