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By Srinivas Koundinya

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Dear Supporters, thank you for your continuous support and prayers. Shashank will be undergoing bone marrow transplant in other two weeks.

By God's grace they were able to manage to get a loan against their property for the transplant and running short of few more funds.

My humble request is to please keep praying and support Shashank for his early recovery.

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There are two kinds of people on this Earth; one who sees a hopeless end while the other sees Endless Hope. I happen to have come across someone who belongs to the other side where incessantly life is pushing him towards hopeless end.

One of my dearest friends Shashank Keerthi, is suffering from Blood Cancer. He has used up all his savings, including funds received through a crowd fundraising campaign and from all our friends (who generously donated), for an allogeneic stem cell transplant therapy. Unfortunately, the transplant was a temporary measure to combat his cancer and he has now developed further complications due to his debilitating condition. At the moment, with the generous support of PKC FOUNDATIONhe is undergoing blood transfusions every month. Doctors have advised that one of the potential strategies to fight his cancer and present him with a better quality of life is a bone morrow transplant.. This therapy as of now seems like the last option available for him, from an exhaustive treatment list which was previously considered, but it comes with a very heavy financial burden.

I am emotional about this entire fund-raising venture because Shashank is my dearest friend. He has been a fierce and loyal friend, and has stood by me through thick and thin. Now it is my turn to stand for him and fight with him, for him. This is a humble plea to all reading this draft, please support my friend in fighting his battle against cancer by generously donating money to incur the cost of his bone marrow transplant. He is in a helpless situation, our solidarity and empathy for his situation can only be confirmed if you contribute in alleviating his financial stress. Our target is 50 lakhs, which is the entire cost of his treatment. It is not about how much you can contribute towards this amount, any figure is a worthy amount. Just the fact that you can and you will financially support, is already a step towards giving my friend a better chance of a disease-free longer life which he richly deserves. 

Please see the following for more details:-

Help Shashank To Fight Against Blood Cancer! - story -6

Details of his type of cancer,

Brief Summary:

Myelodysplastic Syndrome-RAEB-2

Cytogenetics: Normal

FLT3/NPM1/CEBPA: Not Detected


He is a 27 years old patient, non-diabetic male presented with c/o weakness, dizziness, fatigue and breathlessness on exertion since 8 months.

Prior to that he was suffering from pleural effusion and he got treated in Yashoda Hospitals where doctors removed the fluid from the right lung.

Patient evaluated for the same and found to have low HB for which he received 5 units of packed cells.

Last blood transfusion was given in first week of this month.

Family History:

Mother alive. 1 sister - Married.

On Examination :

PS2, pallor+, fully oriented, afebrile, vitals: stable, no lymphadenopathy, no gum hypertrophy.

CNS: Conscious, Oriented.

Chest : Clear after removal of the fluid.


P/A: soft, no organomegaly.

Co- Morbidity : HT: No, DM: No, Others: No

He was Evaluated with HB: 7, plt : 24000 with progressive fall.

Peripheral Smear: Leucoerythroblastic picture with 8% blast.

Special Investigations:

Bone Marrow aspiration: MDS-RAEB2 (16% Blast)

Bone Marrow Biopsy: Showing ~97% marrow cellularity. There is marked myeloid prominence. Megakaryocytes are showing displastic changes. Interstially scattered immature cells are seen. No large sheet or cluster of blast seen.

Cytogenetics : 48 X,Y

Flow Cytometry Report: Sample show 10% abnormal events which are positive for myeloid markers along with aberrant cd19 & cd7.

Positive for CD34, HLA-DR, Myeloperoxidase, CD117, CD13, CD11c, CD19, CD38 and Negative for CD64, CD10, CD79A, CD22, CD20, CD3, CD5, CD7.

FLT3 Mutations Assay : NOT DETECTED.

NPM1/CEBPA Mutations : No Mutations were detected.

C.Difficle Toxin a&'b' symptoms : Negative

Vitamin D : 21.9

Bone Marrow aspiration: Marked diluted aspirate smear showing predominantly mature lymphocytes and 6% blasts. Peripheral smear shows pancytopenia.

Bone Marrow Biopsy: Hypocellular marrow (Post chemotherapy) with persistent disease. Addendum report: IHC for CD34 is Negative.

IHC for CD117 shows increased immature cells and is positive in ~20~27% of all Haemoietic cells.

Bone Marrow aspiration: Blast Constitute 8% (32/500) of all nucleated cells . Occasional Blasts show auer rods. Bone marrow is not in morphological remission.

Patient was admitted for induction chemotherapy(3+7) with InjDaunorubicin and InjCytarabine.

Patient was planned to give Decitabine based chemotherapy and regular blood transfusions till he receives the desired funds for bone marrow transplant.

We are grateful for your help!

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