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Hi my name is Dasharth and I am raising funds for my friend Shashank Keerthi who is suffering from Myelodysplastic Syndrome-RAEB-2 and is currently under treatment. He has used up all his savings in the current treatment and and went through a allogeneic stem cell transplant in April which did not help him to cure it completely. He is undergoing blood transfusions every month with the help of PKC Foundation. Now doctors advised to do bone marrow transplant. I need help from everyone of you who is reading this to gather funds of Rs. 25,00,000 which would help him undergo the advised treatment. Alone it would be a huge burden for him but if we all stand by him he would be able to fight the cancer and the condition that he is facing, request all to be generous and help out!! Details of his type of cancer and treatment advised for your reference- Brief Summary:  Myelodysplastic Syndrome-RAEB-2 Cytogenetics: Normal FLT3/NPM1/CEBPA: Not Detected 7+3 Induction History :  He is a 27years old patient, non-diabetic male presented with c/o weakness, dizziness, fatigue and breathlessness on exertion since 5months. Patient evaluated for the same and found to have low HB for which he received 4units of packed cells. Family History:  Mother alive and healthy. 1 sister married. On Examination :  PS2, pallor+, fully oriented, afebrile, vitals: stable, no lymphadenopathy, no gum hypertrophy. CNS: Conscious, Oriented. Chest : Clear CVS: NAD P/A: soft, no organomegaly. Co- Morbidity : HT : No, DM: No, Others: No He was evaluted with HB: 5, plt : 23000 with progressive fall. Peripheral Smear : Leucoerythroblastic picture with 5% blast. Special Investigations:  Bone Marrow aspiration: MDS-RAEB2 (14% Blast) Bone Marrow Biopsy: Showing ~95% marrow cellularity. There is marked myeloid prominence. Megakaryocytes are showing displastic changes. Interstially scattered immature cells are seen. No large sheet or cluster of blast seen. Cytogenetics : 46 X,Y Flow Cytometry Report : Samplee show 10% abnormal events which are positive for myeloid markers along with aberrant cd19 & cd7. Positive for CD34, HLA-DR, Myeloperoxidase, CD117, CD13, CD11c, CD19, CD38 and Negative for CD64, CD10, CD79A, CD22, CD20, CD3, CD5, CD7. FLT3 Mutations Assay : NOT DETECTED. NPM1/CEBPA Mutations : No Mutations were detected. C.Difficle Toxin a&'b' symptoms : Negative Vitamin D : 21.8 IHC for CD117 shows increased immature cells and is positive in ~20~25% of all hemooietic cells. Blast Constitute 6% (29/500) of all nucleated cells . Occasional Blasts show auer rods. Bone marrow is not in morphological remission. Patient was admitted for induction chemotherapy(3+7) with Inj Daunorubicin and Inj Cytarabine.

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