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About Us

Students for Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is a worldwide student-run chapter that aims to impart knowledge about space and astronomy. SEDS educates people about the benefits of space by providing opportunities to learn, design and create.

SEDS India is the governing body of all SEDS student chapters across the country.


The headquarters of SEDS India resides at VIT University.  SEDS-VIT has contributed immensely to the development of space technology with projects such as NASA’s CanSat, ERC’16 and SpaceX Hyperloop.


About SEDS OneSpace

Our outreach committee organises fests, events and seminars in and outside university campus for K-12 students studying in schools nearby our district. We aim to inculcate an appreciation for space and science among these pupils in their secondary education as we believe that such initiatives will be vital in shaping future generations towards a space-faring society. 

The outreach group has gone to multiple schools and orphanages in and around Vellore and established “Space Clubs” in many of them. These space clubs have curricula designed for the students keeping various factors in mind. All outreach programs conducted till date have been highly successful and has resulted in the increase of the reach of the outreach team. Antariksh, an annual event is also conducted in the VIT campus which brings students from different schools together and has various events for them. Each year has a different theme and events pertaining to the same.

About Antariksh 2018

Antariksh is a space-themed fair, for school going children under the OneSpace Outreach Program of SEDS-VIT. It is essentially a SEDS-India initiative and has been conducted continuously during the past years and has been a great success among school going children aspiring to know more about space and related avenues. Antariksh 2018 will be organised by SEDS-VIT at VIT University and will serve as a platform for aspiring space enthusiast to expand and showcase their skills. 

All school going children and children undergoing their education in homes belonging to grades 4-11 will be participating in the program.

Why crowdfunding?

Students for the exploration and development of space is a student-run non-profit organization that strives to increase knowledge about space and its different domains amongst people of all age groups. It is in this spirit that we are holding Antariksh 2018. A space fest of such magnitude requires many resources that are often not easily available. These resources are often gained through partnering with various organizations and firms, in the form of monetary support and kind sponsorship. These make our mission to increase awareness about astronomy more efficient and leave a greater impact on people.

What happens if we fail to raise enough money?

If we fail to raise enough money, all the efforts and hard work put by the organisers and students will be in vain. Through an event of this scale, SEDS-VIT aims to make a difference and introduce school students to the upcoming area of space sciences and thus help our country to join the league of the established countries in terms of space resources.

How will we prove that we won't just take all the money and run away?

SEDS is an organization that has various student chapters across the globe. SEDS-VIT, being the headquarters of SEDS-India is responsible for all activities and events held by the chapters in the country. SEDS-India has collaborated with chapters across USA and Canada during events to increase the exposure of knowledge from various countries. The only goal of the chapter is to educate people and give them greater opportunities to dream bigger and achieve the impossible.

Please help us fulfil our dream by contributing towards our event or sharing this fundraiser with your friends and family!

We are grateful for your help!

To Teach is to Learn!

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