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We can live 60 days without food, 11 days without water but without air, we cannot survive for even half two minutes. Somewhere Almighty have given us the opportunity to serve the Humanity and Livelihood. Be the part of this movement. Contribute to save millions of lives........


As air pollution has become a major issue for livelihood and influence infants and children majorly.Air pollution poses a major health risk and can cause stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases.

 According to the WHO, 92% of the world’s population lives in areas where the air quality is below the WHO standards. About 88% of premature deaths occur in the low- and middle-income countries, where air pollution is escalating at an alarming rate. 

So Swasthgram has proposed a solution "SHUDHVAYU" which have a capability to remove 20 Ton of unburnt carbon particles from the air in a single day. But for that, we need support from all civilian.

Does not place restrictions:The unit has to be installed on the roof of the vehicle

Involves the target population: inclusive

Low Weight: About 2.5 kg

Ease of use: can be installed / dismantled / cleaned by user in a matter of minutes

Uses existing resources:No External Power supply, No Battery No Motor Required

"Aao kare Desh ko Taiyaar, SHUDHVAYU Sabka Adhikar...."


Shudhvayu campaign is capable of building a Healthy Country, but with the help of Shudhvayu rakshaks.

Till now people only talk about cleaning air inside there home, but our innovation and idea talk about cleaning outside air. And the good thing is it works and very noval idea , but do not have funds to commercialize it. Hence i clearly see that this can revolutionize the AQI. so please provide support to implement this solution.This will lead to at least saving many thousand lives. There are many IITians on the project who has innovated this to help the society. Now we need funds to implement this solution and provide a better place for our next generation. 

Who Are Shudhvayu rakshaks?

All those patriots who will participate and contribute in this movement of making a pollution free India. We have a complete solution for that but require fund for its production As it will be provided free to the auto rickshaw Drivers and Bike riders.

Donate to save the lives of Infants.

Donate to save the Dignity of Country.

Donate to save the life of little children.

Donate to Make a pollution free India.

We are grateful for your help!

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