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Wave of Hope in the Pandemic

Wave of Hope in the Pandemic

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Save The Children India
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SaveTheChildren India
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Save The Children India
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SaveTheChildren India


Let’s create a different second wave – Join the #WaveOfHope

Children are far more vulnerable to the effects of the 2nd wave of the pandemic. It’s been a year of damage done to their academic, social, and psychological progress. Save The Children India (STCI) is working with government bodies, local authorities, and on-field volunteers to create a #WaveOfHope for vulnerable children. As a result of a year of restrictions and now confronted with a second wave of the Coronavirus,

  • 290 million children in India are out of school
  • Only one in four children in the country has access to digital learning
  • One in four mothers say they don’t know if they’ll send their children back to school after the pandemic or the lockdown.
  • Childline received 4,60,000 calls in 21 days from March 20 to April 10, pleading for protection
  • The Cage Syndrome is impacting children and their caregivers – a feeling of being restricted, limited, and cooped up leading to a lack of control over feelings of anger and sadness.

Amid the several other statistics screaming for attention, among the many very real tragedies around us, the

unseen impact on our children is way down on our priority lists. Help us bring this right back up.

At Save The Children India (STCI), our immediate priority is to address this and bring children out of the shadows, connecting them back to education, their peers, basic nutrition, and an overall sense of well-being. 

We take this opportunity to thank our partners who promptly stepped up during the first wave to support us and enable us to reach more than 2,00,000 individuals with immediate relief materials. We have continued assisting with learning options to ensure continuity to more than 50,000 children from marginalized communities in Maharashtra. This has gone a long way in helping their parents, caregivers and teachers access remote education resources and support materials as they remain confined to their own homes through our Education programs.

Our Special Educators have created material, disseminated it far and wide, ensuring that those with hearing impairments and intellectual disabilities get remote support. Our teams that work with children in shelters continued to meet, counsel, and even entertain children so that they didn’t feel deserted through this time.

You can help us reach 50,000 children within Maharashtra to continued access to education, well-being and a safe environment, and the basic right to a childhood.

You can join us and ensure children from marginalized communities find the support to get through this second wave. You can help us raise funds, gather support, and carry the torch to ensure children find access to their rights amidst the disarray.


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