Help Fund Rajkamal Narayan's Emergency Liver Transplant

By Shreedevi Rajkamal

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Latest Update

Medical condition as of today.

1. All relevant investigations have been done.

2. Liver Function Test's have improved gradually with normalization of Bilirubin and Liver Enzymes

3. Elevated Renal Parameters has been corrected with increased urine output and all renal parameters normalized

4. Respiratory Distress has improved.

5. Had hallucinations and one episode of seizure. Has been treated successfully with antiepileptics and there has been no further episode of seizure.

6. Health has improved well and is able to mobilize independently and take care of himself.

7. A wound is healing well with healthy scars.

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Dear Donor,

My name is Shreedevi and my husband, Rajkamal Narayan, suffers an extremely rare condition called “Budd-Chiari syndrome” that affects 1 in a million adults.

Caused by blockage of veins that drain de-oxygenated blood from the liver, the result is a heavily enlarged liver and ascites (buildup of fluid in the abdomen). My husband struggles with constant vomiting, weakness, a declining ability to concentrate, memory loss, seizures, anxiety... the list of symptoms goes on and on.

Initially a manager at an IT firm, he was the sole breadwinner of our family until he was forced to quit his job in March 2017, due to his deteriorating condition. Since then, he has had ongoing treatment and needs to be admitted to the hospital a couple of times a month. Till date, we have spent over Rs 20 lakhs towards his medical care, which includes consultations, procedures to remove ascitic fluid from his abdomen, scans, medication and so on.

We have used up every bit of our savings. As I am a homemaker, we had no choice but to sell all of our assets to pay for regular treatment and to sustain the family. We have a young son and my husband’s elderly parents are dependent on us too; we have had to use their retirement savings as well.

And now, as his condition worsens, doctors have urged that a liver transplant is his only hope. The transplant procedure will cost us Rs. 25 lakhs. During the first week of January 2018, we had the opportunity to acquire a liver donor for my husband, and for a moment, I felt hopeful that maybe the struggle would come to an end soon.

Then the hospital demanded that we pay a deposit of Rs 15 lakhs immediately. As we do not possess the funds, we lost the donor to another patient, and now we are on the lookout again. We are hopeful that when the next donor comes along, we will be ready with the funds required. We dread missing another opportunity to get my husband’s transplant procedure done.

I request you to contribute any amount towards my husband’s recovery so he can come home healthy and happy for the first time in over a year. Please also share our story with your friends and family through Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. We are indebted and grateful to every donor and social media share we receive.


Thank you,


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