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                     My father has suffered 4 brain strokes and is battling for his life

I am Reeju and I am trying to raise funds for my father, Satya Rajan Roy’s treatment. He has suffered 4 brain strokes since 1 Dec and since then, I have been struggling to gather funds for his treatment while juggling daily expenses for my family of five. I have already spent Rs. 5 lakhs for his treatment but the doctor’s have estimated the total cost of treatment to be around Rs. 20 lakhs.


My father has always been my pillar of support. He is a very strong person and a kind man. I’ve always seen him face difficult situations head on. Today, as he fights for his life in the ICU, I have taken upon myself to do whatever I can to help him win this fight. 

It has been a tough time for us; just a few months back my father was healthy and gleeful, advising me on our house and giving gifts to my 9-year-old daughter. The back-to-back brain strokes have developed a blood clot in the left portion of his brain and he also suffered from a hemorrhage.This has further complicated his treatment. My father can no longer talk and his right limbs have been paralysed due to the attack. His survival is now under question and somehow need to continue his treatment.

The estimated cost for surgery and postoperative treatment is way beyond my reach. I am an employee at HCL and my earnings are barely enough to support my family of five. My wife is also undergoing treatment for a uterus disease, which also requires funds. My father was a government employee and is on a meagre pension. My mediclaim has also been exhausted and I am unable to take a loan for the required amount.

With no other option left to me, I have turned to crowdfunding. A contribution from you could help me save my father. Please also share my fundraiser through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter with your friends and family to help me reach more donors and raise the required amount.

More importantly, please do pray for my father’s speedy recovery.

 Thank you for your support.


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