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By Rohan Rege

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Sabrina Perez, 46 years old developed Brain Aneurysm, a bulge in the blood vessel of the brain that eventually causes a hemorrage.

This Brain Aneurysm ruptured and caused a hemorrhage on Saturday, Dec 30th at 8.00pm.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and then transferred to Fortis Vashi. After doing a CT scan twice and conducting a fluorodye angio procedure the doctor's suggested an endovascular coiling. Brain aneurysm if not treated properly can quickly escalate into a life-threatening condition.

She was then advised Aneurysm Coil embolization ,a minimally invasive procedure to treat an aneurysm by filling it with material that closes off the sac and reduces the risk of rupturing or re-bleeding. It is performed from "within" the artery (endovascular) through a steerable catheter inserted into the blood stream at the groin and guided to the brain. Tiny platinum coils are used to close off the aneurysm. Coils accomplish from the inside what a surgical clip would accomplish from the outside: they stop blood from flowing into the aneurysm but allow blood to flow freely through the normal arteries.

The cost of this treatment and hospitalization is estimated around 7 lakhs as of today.

Sabrina and her husband are not in a position to bear this medical burden and need financial help and support to manage these expenses and we would like to earnestly request you to support them towards this medical emergency in the best possible manner so that Sabrina gets back to good health and her 11 year old son gets his mother back soon.

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