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My name is Rahul Mourya and I am raising funds for my 7 months old baby (Rudraksha) who is a Down syndrome baby having 3 holes in his heart (Atrial septal defect (ASD)) and is undergoing treatment.  My little boy is in pain and I cannot help him because of financial problems.

My baby’s only hope at leading a normal life is heart surgery. He was born in D Y Patil Hospital, Pune. He was diagnosed soon after his birth and was undergoing treatment of Dr. Joshi but he told us to go to Narayana Hospital and consult there. After 2 months he started becoming very weak, so we consulted a Child-specialist and several tests were performed and we came to know that his White blood cells had decreased and there was a huge loss of blood . We also tried to take help from Rajiv gandhi Yojna but wasn't much helpful.

                                         BABY'S PHOTOGRAPH

 Now we have reached an age where it is already too late. My baby is suffering and further delay can be life-threatening. He is the joy of our family, the apple of my eye. How can I even possibly entertain the thoughts of her death only because we don’t have money?

I am an employee and work as an Fitter in Hyundai company and earn  around Rs. 10,000 per month. I and my wife, live in a small house in rent. We have consulted multiple hospitals. I have a private job and if I don’t work for a day and they cut my salary. Every hospital visit takes at least 4-5 days which generates a medical bill of close to Rs. 70,000. My wife is a housewife and with such meager income, we are finding it extremely difficult to arrange the estimated amount of Rs. 15 lakhs. .

You can click on this link and see the baby who is suffering everyday   

From birth, baby Rudraksha  is suffering this syndome and finds it hard to speak. This is the first time after months that the baby was finally able to call his mother. Have a look at the conversation between the baby and the mothns

                                    MEDICAL CERTIFICATES

I plead to everyone out there to come forward and help our baby.

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We are grateful for your help!

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