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Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting Skin Disease,

Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting Skin Disease,

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Risahun Iangjuh
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Risahun Iangjuh
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Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting Skin Disease, - story -1Medical Report receiving from the Doctor in the Hospital


Through this letter to you, we the parents of Risahun Iangjuh residents of Hatmawdon a remote Village Bordering with Bangladesh, wishes for your kind support.

Our Daughter Risahun Iangjuh who is 5 years old was a hale and hearty girl, but sadly on the 23rd April, 2017 while playing with her friends without unknown she got a skin infection. The infection has spread to her entire body and now it started turning into Skin Cancer.

As a poor people coming from a rural remote village, we faced a lot of problems due to lack of income.

Short Description:

At first while starting the skin infection to our daughter, we had tried our self practiced by applying home medications hopefully that it might be cure. Then after that, without knowing and unexpectedly, suddenly a result came in by so fast and it starts spreading into her body and even her skin starts falling. Though we had gone to the Government Hospital, a Public Health Centre (PHC) at Ryngku Village on 27th May, 2017 and the Doctor there after seeing her infection, on the same day referred directly to NEIGRIHMS for treatment but here also they have tried so hard for helping her but yet is it hopeless and cannot do anything for her. Thus as a family we had no choice to do anything for helping her due to financial crisis, but after wards with the help and support from our family members and relatives, again we had gone to Guwahati to find another option for medical treatment. Yet here also the problems have become worsened due to fund constrain.

Whatever little resources we had has been spent in her treatment, but sadly it is not enough. Now, our last hope for her treatment is Skin Surgery to be conducted at Super Care Hospital, Shillong.

We have spent our entire life saving in trying to get an effective treatment for our girl child. Now at this stage we cannot afford for her treatment/Surgery.


We the parents of Risahun Iangjuh earnestly appeal to all our well wishers/ Kind People to support us in whichever way you can do to help us in this time of need.


Your act of kindness during our time of need will never be forgotten ever.


#1 (02 Jul, 2017)

Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting Skin Disease, - story -1Medical Report receiving from the Doctor in the Hospital

#2 (02 Jul, 2017)

What Makes Burn Injuries So Dangerous?

Out of all of the injuries you may encounter throughout your life, burn injuries are among those that pose some of the greatest dangers. Depending on several factors, including the source of the burn and its location, burn injuries can involve both immediate and prolonged medical attention. They can also require an extremely lengthy recovery time. So, why are burn injuries so dangerous to the human body?

The Anatomy of Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It forms a protective barrier to the outside world, preventing harmful bacteria and other materials from entering your body. Skin also provides the brain with specific environmental information and plays a primary role in regulating your body temperature. It is made up of three different layers:

Epidermis Layer: This is the surface or outer layer of skin. Its primary function is to shield your body from the environment.

Dermis Layer: The second layer of your skin is made up of a thick layer of collagen, which is a type of protein. Collagen contains essential amino-acids and makes up around 30 percent of all the protein found in your body. The dermis contains vital support structures and sensory nerves, such as oil glands, sweat glands and hair follicles.

Subcutaneous Layer: The third and innermost layer of your skin contains the soft and fatty tissues that lie just beneath the dermis. The subcutaneous layer provides your body with shock absorption and essential insulation.

Severity of the Burn

When heat or chemicals come into contact with your skin, damage is done to its chemical and cellular makeup. Depending on how hot your skin gets, how long it is exposed to the source and the physical location of the burn, medical professionals are able to diagnose the severity a burn.

Essentially, burns that are larger and more severe are harder to recover from. They not only cause excruciating pain, they can wreck your immune system and result in the permanent death of your body tissues. Burns vary in their severity and they are classified using the following scale:


First Degree Burns

These burns affect only the epidermis layer. They are painful to the touch, however, they usually heal within about one week and have no further complications.

Second Degree Burns

Burn injuries of the second degree can reach the upper layer of your dermis, causing possible infections at the burn site and taking up to three weeks to heal. The most severe second degree burns can extend to the deeper layer of dermis and take months to heal. They can cause scarring and even require skin grafting before healing properly.

Third Degree Burns

Burns of the third degree extend completely through the dermis. They kill nerve endings, taking away all sensation and sense of touch. These burns make the skin appear dry, tough and leathery. Third degree burns require tissue removal or even amputation.

Third Degree burns, or full thickness burns, come with exposure to a heat source of more than a few seconds and display the following symptoms:

Appear as deep red or white; generally do not present with blisters

The entire epidermis and most of the dermis is destroyed

Initially there is less pain but during recovery pain can be more pronounced

Color is unaffected if pressure is applied to the wound

Destroyed tissue will need to be removed and skin grafts will be necessary in order for the wound to fully heal.

Common causes of third degree burns include many of the same causes that apply to second degree burns. It's considered a very serious injury. 3rd degree burns pretty much burns through into the subcutaneous tissue. It can destroy everything like your sweat glands and hair follicles. In really extreme cases even sensory nerve endings can be damaged.

 There really isn't a mathematical formula to classifying burns. It all depends on the doctors’ assessment of the damage (how deep the damage is).

 In most cases it won't heal naturally to bring the skin back to its old state. Sometimes surgical skin grafts will be needed to restore the skin.

A third degree burn is the most serious burn injury. This is simply because all of the protective layers surrounding your delicate blood vessels, nerves etc have been burnt away. The risks of infection are enormous owing to losing the epidermal layer, which is your body's first defense against infection. These risks are compounded by the resulting scar tissue which forms. The scar tissue can cause contractures, loss of function and scar tissue does not breathe. Therefore depending on how large an area has been affected will seriously compromise survival chances.

#3 (21 Jun, 2017)

Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting cancer - story -2

#4 (21 Jun, 2017)

Help Risahun a 5 years old poor child fighting cancer - story -1


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