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By Samina Bano

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

-Nelson Mandela

The inequality landscape in education, however, makes it difficult for every child to even own a pen. How will these children ever understand the power their dreams and words have?

RightWalk Foundation (formerly Bharat Abhyudaya Foundation) has been working not only at the grassroots but also policy level to eradicate this problem, and we need your help!

What is RightWalk Foundation?

RightWalk Foundation is an award winning non-profit organization, founded by Samina Bano, an IIM Bangalore Graduate, Ashoka Fellow, and a TEDx Speaker. Troubled by the stark inequality in access to education between children born with privileges and those for whom even basic necessities of life was luxury, she left a comfortable lifestyle in the United States, where she was working as a management consultant in a leading consulting firm.

At RightWalk, we are committed to the cause of elementary education reform at institutional level. We believe that the key to building a socially equitable society is through education system where children from all socioeconomic backgrounds have equal access to quality education.

RightWalk also helps build capacity within the government system by conducting training workshops for officials in education department.

Our Work and Its Impact

At RightWalk, we believe that quality education is everybody’s right and not a privilege.

Section 12.1.C of the Right To Education (RTE) Act of Government of India is an ambitious program for public funding and private provision in elementary school education that has great potential to bridge the divide between the poor and the rich. It aims at providing equal access to quality education to all children irrespective of socioeconomic differences. It requires every Private unaided school to reserve 25% seats for children belonging to Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Disadvantaged Groups (DG) in class I or pre-primary classes.

RightWalk played a significant role in activating this provision of the Right to Education Act in UP in 2015 as it saw vehement opposition from private school lobbies flouting the law. The state was earlier reluctant to implement it with only 108 admissions in the four years period from 2011 – 2014 as per official records. Our joint intervention with the govt. enabled over 50,000 children from Economically Weaker Section and Disadvantaged Groups to be admitted in private schools under 25% quota and study for free, after battling complex political, legal and bureaucratic challenges.

We also led implementation of Online Admission system ( in 2017.

Our Accomplishments

Ashoka Fellow, 2015

Women Super Achiever Award. 2015

Listed among Top 26 NGOs in Country impacting Education by Education World Magazine

Kalam Innovation in Governance Award, 2016

TEDx Speaker. 2017

Mentor at Non-Profit Incubator (NSRCEL Social), IIM Bangalore

Why are we fundraising?

All of our beneficiary kids are mostly first generation learner coming from low-income families in the neighbourhood, who live in jhuggis (make-shift homes) and belong to economically weaker section. Their parent’s occupation is mostly daily wage agricultural labourers, weavers, drivers, mill workers etc., who find it very hard to provide their children with all the amenities. This is the reason why we need you to help us raise funds so that we could provide these kids with all the resources that they deserve.

Sponsoring such a child's education will go a long way in helping the child develop into a responsible and independent adult.

Please mail to for any additional information.

What Do We Plan to Do With The Funds

We plan on utilizing the funds that we receive on the following resources:

  • School Uniform
  • School Books
  • School Supplies
  • Miscellaneous School Fees and charges
  • Supporting parents livelihood in case of extremely poor family – e.g. Providing loan for purchasing e-Rickshaw

Recent Success Story

For cousin brothers Prem Gupta and Raj Kujmar Gupta, jollification knew no bounds, when the application of their children, Arnab Gupta and Vaibhav Gupta, for admission under RTE was accepted by St. Anthony Public School, Lucknow.

Children of samosa sellers in Lucknow, they had never thought of being able to study with privileged kids. They have the Right to Education Act (RTE) to thank for this opportunity.

Prem Gupta, a widower, who sells samosa to earn his daily bread, had almost given up on sending Arnab to school, till RTE showed him the way. With necessary documents in place, Prem along with his brother Raj Kumar applied for their childrens’ admissions online at, and without much tumult, Arnab Gupta and Vaibhav Gupta managed to get a seat.

"The teachers take good care of our children; they don't discriminate. Krissh and Rajvir come from a privileged background but are very close to Arnab and Vaibhav. They Sit, eat and play together. RTE has given me hopes for my son," says Prem, who dreams of making his son a pilot. "I want my son to touch skies," he adds.

Hasan, Prem and Raj Kumar are not the only parents who are dreaming big for their children. A total of 90,000 applications were received across 56 districts on the RTE web portal, of which, 732,709 applications were allotted and 27,620 confirmed admissions.

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We encourage any kind of donations like money, materials, books, volunteering, blessings, love and affection.

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