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 The Vedic  way of life has its origin in the remote past. Since then, like the river Ganga, it has been flowing uninterruptedly, integrating within itself many small streams to become an all-comprehensive, eco friendly way of human life. Though it has taken many turns; but  its march has been forward encouraging humans to attain divinity and glory. Our country was called "Sone Ki Chidiya " when the Vedic Lifestyle was followed.

In spite of the various attacks and wars faced, our  Vedic culture could survive because it is based on scientific and ecological factors. Sages and saints have delved into the secrets of creation through their Yogic power and gave humanity the basis of Dharma in the form of Vedas. Vedas are not the products of human intelligence; they are the records of eternal truth as discovered by rishis (sages).


The Vedas are said to be knowledge directly received from the source. They contain the philosophies of life.

The Vedic lifestyle teaches us how to live in harmony and peace with nature. It promotes balance and moderation in  food habits and behaviour.

We need to synchronise with nature and live a balanced life.  Eating healthy home grown organic and chemical free food, yoga and pranayama, meditation, chanting and stress free atmosphere  makes our bodies healthy, keeps our mind stress free , fills our heart with happiness and makes our soul feel at peace.

Integrating Science and spirituality has been a way of life for me.

I have been a Reiki GM since 20 yrs and do healing and also teach Reiki. I am also a  Pranic healer and Shamanic practitioner which helped me become clairvoyant and a medium. I do Tarot cards reading and Life coaching.

Today through my company Divine Vibrations and in association with All ladies league of which I am the Chairperson of the Mumbai Chapter for Wellness and Happiness, I try to help and assist people to understand and overcome their challenges. 

I further wish to take this forward by encouraging people to live a more healthy and eco friendly life style. I have done intensive research on our old vedic culture that existed in India before and realised the scientific and ecological benefits of our rituals and traditions.  

The state of Mother Earth is also a constant concern for me and I wish to contribute whatever little I can to protect her and take her back to her past glory.

Through this Wellness center I wish to:

1. Protect deterioration of Mother Earth and reinstate ecological balance (at least to what little extent I can)

2. Grow more trees,  fruits and vegetables Organically

3. Improve the lifestyle of people and encourage healthy living habits

4. Create a home for destitute women by offering them employment and support at the center to be self sufficient and live with dignity.

5. Start a small school for their children and of the villagers to start their vedic education from a small age.

The total cost of the project is 1.5 Cr. 45 lakhs is the initial amount that will help us procure the land and create the boundary wall, initial living spaces, the well and plant fruit trees. 

In the second phase we plan to start the wellness center, grow vegetables, procure the cows and dogs and create homes for them.

In the third phase we plan to start the school and activities center.

We also plan to open similar centers in other parts of the world.

This will be one of its kind center and we request your contributions so we may establish the old vedic culture and traditions again to lead a more happy and stress free life.

All contributors names will be etched in stone at the center.

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