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Help Radha make India proud!

Help Radha make India proud!

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Yogita Sherlekar
SOS Children's Villages of India
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Yogita Sherlekar
SOS Children's Villages of India
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SOS Children's Villages of India


The special children of SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan.

SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan in Bhopal is a project for long term care,rehabilitation, training and allied services for developmentally challenged children who have been abandoned by their families. Coming from diverse circumstances, these children need focused efforts that support them in realizing their full potential and help them participate in the mainstream of life.

SOS Children’s Villages of India, a 50 year old non-governmental organization providing family-based care to parentless or abandoned children in India, does everything in its capacity to protect the rights of these marginalized, physically and mentally disadvantaged children at this Village by providing them not only a loving home, food, education but also specially designed residences and community for universal access.

The Children of Khajuri Kalan are immensely talented too; especially in sports. These children have participated in Special Olympics held in Los Angeles last year and brought laurels to the country. Given the right environment, exposure and training with proper equipment, these children are capable of making the nation proud with their sporting prowess.

Radha is special in more ways than one can imagine!
While events that unfolded on November 8th, the night of the great demonetization announcement, has gripped the entire nation, some of the dreams are kept on hold - dreams of achieving greater feats and of making India proud. These dreams stay tucked in corners of the houses at the SOS Children’s Village at Khajuri Kalan in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

Radha’s will of steel

One of these dreamers is 11 year old Radha*. Once abandoned by family with vocal and hearing impairment, she has beaten all the odds by emerging as a State Level Swimming champion. Today, she ranks 5th at the national level. She is also a part of the gold medal winning state team at the Floorball National Championship, Vilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. She has now been shortlisted to represent India at the Special Olympics World Winter Games to be held in Austria in March 2017.

Radha at SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan

Radha is currently being nurtured at the SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan for children with disabilities and special needs. This facility has trained many children like Radha to develop their personal, social, academics, recreational and occupational skills. These children have gone on to achieve successful feats in various fields.

How you can help?

This facility aims to equip a functional medical centre to support the dreams of many such children. At the special activity cum medical centre at Khajuri Kalan, children with mental and physical disabilities are trained in personal, social, academic, recreational and occupational skills. This centre provides special education, early intervention, therapeutic interventions like speech therapy, physiotherapy, and hydrotherapy, psychological counselling, and vocational training to the children and adults with special needs towards becoming independent in their life.

Currently, there are 59 children who need the facilities of a fully equipped Medical Centre on a daily basis. These children have Cerebral palsy, Intellectual disability, Autism, Down syndrome and some have multiple disabilities. The Village needs funds to fulfil requirements like physiotherapy equipments, speech therapy materials, special chairs, specially designed spoons for children, non-slip mats, sensory integration cum occupational therapy unit etc. for the medical centre.

This Medical Centre is their lifeline and a daily necessity. A generous contribution from you could really help reach the fundraising goal of this medical facility. We also urge you to share this campaign link with as many people as possible so that they can come forward and offer support.

Children like Radha were abandoned by their families. But, as a nation, let’s fulfil the dreams of more children like her, so that they can dare to dream and someday also make our nation proud.

Here are important details of the equipment required for the Medical Centre at SOS Children’s Village Khajuri Kalan-

1. Special chair for CP (Cerebral Palsy) – Adaptive seating devices provide skeletal stability, thus improving postural control. Postural control allows children to develop heightened functional ability – particularly mobility of the arms, grasping, visual scanning and tracking, and especially self-feeding. In some cases, these devices can promote the correction of existing scoliosis in children with CP.

Cost – INR 1,12,200                          

  1. 2. Special spoon –Helps for improving eating skills. Adaptive eating utensils and accessories are specifically designed to help improve eating skills for children, the elderly and the disabled.

    Cost – INR 5,000/-


  1. 3. Non slip mat - For increase in motor activities and to avoid orthopedic secondary deformities. Non-slip mats can help reduce these accidents by providing a safer environment.

    Cost – INR 10,000/-


  1. 4. Study tables for existing small chairs – Helps in maintaining the body posture as per their age, for existing small chairs.

    Cost – INR 40,000/-


  1. 5. Study table and chairs (Bigger size) - Helps in maintaining the body posture as per their age.

    Cost – INR 40,000/-

  1. 6. Black board - To pay proper attention towards all the kids, they would be divided into two groups and thus, the requirement of two separate blackboards for each group in the class.

    Cost – INR 7,500/-

  2. 7. Pencil holder – It is an adaptive device that makes children conformable of holding pencil for writing and improves their writing skills.

  3. Cost – INR 2,500/-

    8. ADL training set – Activities of daily living (ADL) helps in the improvement of daily living activity through psycho motor related activities such as dressing, self-feeding, bathing, laundry, and /or meal preparation. Adaptive equipment is needed to assist with these tasks, which can include items such as spoons without excess spillage, door latch frame set, electro equipment frame set, dressing frame set, eating aids with utensils, reacher, etc.

    Cost – INR 31,450/-

    9. Pediatric Unit- This unit will deal with the infants and children in the following areas:

    Early Intervention (0-6 years)
    Cognition development
    Praxiya improvement

    Cost – INR 4,08,750/-

    10. Sensory Integration cum Occupational Therapy Unit - Sensory integration therapy is beneficial to children with a number of conditions, including:

    •social or emotional problems
    •activity level that is unusually high or low
    •difficulty with transitions from one situation to another
    •inability to calm self or unwind
    •delays in speech, language or motor skills
    •delays in academic achievement

    Sensory integration therapy helps such children overcome symptoms such as being:

    •overly sensitive to touch, movement, sights or sounds for active sence organ this unit is very helpful like vestibular / kinetics
    •under-reactive to touch, movement, sights or sounds
    •easily distracted
    •impulsive or lacking self-control

    Cost – INR 1,54,000/-

    *Name changed to protect identity of the child.



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