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Libraries are portals that can reveal all of the world’s knowledge. And librarians are guardians of the world of knowledge, which they record and save it for the future. 

Mohammed Hazri is a librarian by profession and a worshipper of informed thought by passion. Mohammad knows the power that the printed word possesses. Public libraries ensure that knowledge and information is accessible and affordable to all, irrespective of their age, gender, or social status. The fact that everyone should have an equal opportunity to expand their knowledge, inspired Mohammed Hazri to build libraries across several villages in West bengal. Now he has made it his life’s dream and mission to spread the reading bug across West Bengal, one village at a time. His vision is to set-up one public library per village, which lends out books for free, to all the members who are interested in reading and learning.

In the year 2000, he founded Shashwata Suchetana Gramin Pathagar (SSGP), a non-profit with a few like-minded friends and supporters. Since then SSGP has set up several libraries, distributed text-books, and held medical and eye care camps for young school-going kids across districts like Hooghly, Bardhaman. So far, the work done by SSGP has created a ground-breaking impact in bringing quality education to everyone, and allowing a brighter future for the youth of underprivileged villages. 

Through his initiative of building public libraries in each village, he’s serving many local communities by providing access to a wide range of resources, education, and learning. 

These libraries are aimed to welcome and nurture environments where reading, studying, and sharing information is encouraged. Villagers will get a chance to diversify their knowledge of their own country, as well as the world. It will train people in social morals and values, and educate them about life outside their own village. 

Since this is a social initiative, all books can be borrowed entirely free of cost. This means that it will be very difficult for Mohammed to sustain the life of these libraries without some financial aid from you. The cost involved in his initiative are that of acquiring new books, stationary, chairs and tables, computers, and electricity. The only way to ensure these libraries function is to mobilize resources through supporters of this campaign. Therefore we request you to donate a sum of money that you see fit for this noble cause. 

If you are unable to spare financial help, you can even help us by spreading the good word to as many people in your networks. Please share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. For the sake of the villagers of West Bengal, make Mohammed’s endeavour go viral!

Please remember that not everyone has access to mobile phones, and internet connections. 

To some, libraries are sacred.

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