Help Pooja Agarawal raise funds for her laparotomy surgery

By Sanjay Singh

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Pooja underwent one more operation recently dated 10/11/17(embolization surgery) .This is her 6th operation. Still she haven't recovered , the hospital bill is still due more then 19 Lacs. Please come forward to help us in this difficult situation.


  Help Pooja Agarawal raise funds for her laparotomy surgery - story -1


My name is Sanjay Singh. I am raising funds for my best friend Pooja Agarwal, who is fighting against Laparotomy her treatment is costing her family approx. 46 lac to 50 lac out of which the family has already paid 23 lacs .On 24th august she was admitted in Medi Point hospital due to minor stomach pain but on next day due to a severe stomach pain she was operated at Medi Point hospital Pune where 65% of her small intestine has been removed under ailment,TRANSMESENTERIC HERNIA as her condition was serious and due to less medical facilities in Medi Point she was shifted to Jehangir hospital under the supervision of GI specialist Dr Sachin Vaze on 27th night in emergency.

On 1st of September due to certain infection in duodenum external pipe from her stomach, she was undergone second surgery. Now doctors are waiting for her to  recover who is on Ventilator so that they can plan her final surgery, where they will connect her duodenum with the remaining small intestine.

Dr.Vaze has now shifted Pooja to Cardiac Care unit (CCU) as she started recovering and getting ready for her final surgery. According to Dr.Vaze he was planning the final surgery on 30th Sept. meanwhile small drawbacks  happened like fever, some infections in external feeding pipe etc. which was taken care by doctors. Suddenly on 29th sept. Evening her blood vessel at the right side tummy bust out and huge loss of 4 blood units (1200ml) happened within four minutes, due to which she again got operated urgently within one hour. Operation went for 2hours and her bleeding was controlled, but this was declared as a huge step down in her condition. She was again kept on Ventilator for two days.
 Due to her recent operation, she is again in ICU with same condition as she was admitted a month back and we again have to wait for a month for her to recover so as her final surgery can  take place as advised by Dr.Vaze.

This Diwali instead of spending money of crackers which will turn in ashes, parties an hour fun & other, rather let’s donate that money .For Pooja’s family even small donation from your end matters a lot. Your donation can create a huge difference in their life this Diwali. Be a part in saving and brightening a life. We are grateful to you.

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Help Pooja Agarawal Raise Funds For Her Laparotomy Surgery - story -12

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Help Pooja Agarawal Raise Funds For Her Laparotomy Surgery - story -12


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