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My name is Glynis and im raising funds for a stray cat that I rescued a few weeks back. He is currently at the YODA shelter in Mahim, Mumbai and is under treatment. The story of how Pharroah the Cat called out to me for help goes.. As i was walking home, in my lane, i hear a cry. Something made me turn around and look for him. I called him and he came out to greet me, from under a bike that was parked, that's when I saw the huge wound on his neck. He was so gentle and even though he was in pain seemed happy to see me and I decided I wasn't gonna let him suffer any more. So i called my brother and asked him to get some turmeric powder from home. That's when we saw the rubber band around his neck. My brother somehow managed to take the rubber band off as i held the cat and put some turmeric powder on his wound. We gave him some food n he happily ate it. We decided to take him to the vet in the morning, but when v went to look for him the next morning, he wasn't there. The same night while returning I called out for him. N there he was. This time v got a basket along and took him home for an over night stay and took him to the vet in the morning. He was purring as he was receiving his treatment. He knew he was being helped. What a gentle boy he is. The images u see below are the outcome of a rubber band... Yes 'A RUBBER BAND'. PLEASE DO NOT in any circumstance put a rubber band around any animal. Plz educate ur children too.. A Rubber band can cause such damage over a few weeks. Even though it may seem harmless to put a rubber band around the neck of a dog or a cat.. it DOES take a drastic turn n cause the animal a lot of pain n suffering. Kindly spread the awareness. Plz check for any rubber bands on your animal friends on the streets and your pets too. Don't let anything, other than a collar, be around their neck. Plz pray for this little angel's recovery and if possible help with a little donation.. btw.. named him Pharroah. N if u wish to visit him or the many inmates there (who are waiting to be adopted), or donate, kindly visit - the YODA shelter in Mahim.

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