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Hi, I'm Pawan Kumar, a 6-year-old boy, from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. I have been diagnosed with PFIC (Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis), which was extremely shocking and heart breaking for my parents and me. The treatment is going on since a year. Since the disease was detected at this early age, the treatment is possible through a liver transplant.

What is PFIC? A disorder that causes progressive liver disease, which typically leads to liver failure. In people with PFIC, liver cells are less able to secrete a digestive fluid called bile. The build up of bile in liver cells causes liver disease in affected individuals. A liver transplantation is the cure, which costs of this is 18 lakhs plus 5 lakhs for post treatment medication and other expenses, INR 23 Lakhs.

My parents, Balaraju and Durga work hard everyday but cannot make ends meet to afford the cost. Their meagre wages can just afford food and shelter for the family and funding the liver transplant is impossible. Also, 10 lakhs have been gathered by government grants, 2 lakhs by family and 4 lakhs from other sources. The operation will not take place unless the entire amount is paid.

I am helpless at the moment and wish to survive to complete schooling. My only goal at this point is to get the liver transplantation done successfully. Please contribute to my parents' efforts in raising money and donate. Thank you.

We have attached the medical reports for you to review:

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