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I am glad that Panduranga Rao (Steven) had successful made it out from the surgery to long bones in both of his legs. Only by the grace of God  After this is the 5th day (26.07.2017) since the operation and his hand has still another operation pending and that can only be done once the hand regain it's lost muscle from the accident which has to cover the open wound.. now his hand has become the main priority and none the less his is still not adviced to walk  he needs complete bed rest for 5 months even above if needed. Orthopedic surgeon who operated on him made it clear that the hand needs dressing and constant check up for every 2 days. If he has to come from his home town he has to book a cab for 2000 to and fro and the dressing charges are about 400 to 500 as per that caliculation we can roughly see that per a month he needs 36000 only for his traveling excluding his medical expenses for that reason we have decided to stay in Kakinada by taking a room or a portion of a house which is on ground floor for a reasonable price that is around below 2000 to 3000, I request anyone who is in Kakinada know any house which is for rent as near as possible to Apollo hospital.. kindly inform me on my number 9700503400. We are also doing our search in the area and we hope to find a place to stay. Now on there will be no ESIC and all the medical expenses should be taken care from Panduranga Rao's pocket it self. So  you all know his position and I humbly request each and everyone to kindly help him according to your strength. And most of all I deeply respect every one who contributed to Panduranga Rao in donating and sharing the post. We are indebted to you all and we strongly believe that you will be rewarded greatly  by God. PLEASE DO SHARE THE POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS. There. Is lot reach our goal for Panduranga Rao and the time is short. Will keep you updated when ever I can... 

Thanks and regards

Joseph Rayapati


Hi, My name is Joseph and I may not be a brother to Panduranga Rao (Steven)in blood... But I am a brother in bond. I have so much to say I'll try to keep it short. My dear friend and brother who was mentioned above had met with an accident while going out on campaigning purpose along with another team mate and that very day turned his life upside down. A month before the fatal incident his father who was diagnosed with throat cancer passed away and during their period of grief his wife gave birth to his baby boy for whom he prayed to God and long awaited for his answer, and finally God heard his prayer and the birth of his son brought laughter to his small family who are in grief. Before they settle in with the sweet Joy from the bitter loss disaster stuck his house in the form of an accident. As soon as we heard the bad news regarding our brothers every able body rushed in to get him into safety. But the damage was collateral his arm was crushed in 2 places beyond repair and was hanging on the flesh and both legs were broken the scene was horrific and the other team member suffered the same date with 2 broken legs. Gathered crowd called the Government emergency services on time but as the injury was critical he lost 70% of blood and when we reached the Government General Hospital in Rajahmundry he was losing consciousness and Dr.Chandra shekar who is worth honouring responded quickly and identified his patient condition and quickly ran to the blood bank in the premises and gave him one unit blood before we take him to super specialities hospital as they were short on equipment to operate on him. We really are indebted to Dr. Chandrashekar and his team efforts and after that we have taken him to multiple hospitals and as doctor was not IN we have finally taken him to S.A.I hospital and when the staff saw his condition in the casualty they thought that he is not going to make it. The only thing Dr. Vijay Kumar sit to us is I cannot promise anything now just hoping for a miracle and I had done everything for now to stop the bleeding and left. After 24 hrs we heard the news that his BP was normal and the Doctor dropped another bomb on us before we breath saying that a damage assessment and control operation has to take place and due to the condition of the arm it is most probably not going to survive and if needed it will be amputated. There is only 50-50 chance we can neither say No nor say Go. At last we have finally gave a green light for the operation after informing and taking an approval from his family. Our respected employers Mr. Anil Mudiraj and Mr.Nishant have given a tremendous amount of support for Panduranga Rao both physically and financially and took good care of everything that has taken place. Without them we all who came to help panduranga rao will just be a mere spectators, and for that we cannot thank them enough and we are forever grateful to them. After 4 hours of operation we finally heard the good news that the vascularity is good in the arm and Dr. Vijay Kumar one of the top orthopedic surgeon in AP made his mark in the lives of panduranga rao by reconstructing the shattered bones in the arm, He himself said that it's only God's grace that the arm survived, We hat's off to his simplicity and humbleness and also for bringing hope to Panduranga Rao and his family. Now as of today(16.07.2017) he was transferred to Apollo hospital in Kakinada on medical grounds after reaching Doctors here at Apollo found out that the patient is having an infection in the lungs which is making him hard to breathe and they are giving antibiotics for cure and they are treating him with utmost care. And the ESIC is in effect and they hospital is treating him on the same basis. Another 3 surgeries has to take place in order to be discharged from the hospital. One is a plastic surgery for the arm and two surgeries for both the broken legs. The accident took place on 10.07.2017 and from that day forth his family is staying at the hospital waiting halls without an accommodation as they were unable to afford the cost and eating in hospital canteen with the borrowed money. Mr. Panduranga Rao is the only hope his family, He doesn't have a bank balance to with held the upcoming months and he used his little savings for his wife’s delivery and has nothing but a will to survive , But as you all know in this condition he is unable to work, Post discharged he has to be bedridden for at least 6 to 8 months depending on the mental condition. His medication and his wife and child's medication along with maintenance such as daily dressing and family well being necessary needs such a groceries, electricity bill,will be hiked and they could not effort any of that and if doctors calls we have to take him to the hospital by the means of an ambulance by keeping all that in mind I am requesting a fund of 5 lakhs in which all you kind hearted people give us a helping hand and support his poor family which is in need of your graces. I thank you for taking the time to read to this significant matter.

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