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Oxicorp Pvt. Ltd. focuses in launching India’s largest online to offline retailer’s platform under the brand name of (Electronic Kart For Rurban (Rural & Urban) India) with 18000 + outlets across West Bengal within 18 months of its launch and 100,000 + stores across India within 48 months from its launch. The platform would enable small store owners of rural India to sell 10,000+ variety of goods and services through a simple and easy to use e-commerce platform devised by the company. The company will also provide tablet based P.O.S (Point Of Sales)terminals (tabletop and standee kiosk) which are going to be connected to the internet using G.S.M technology for hassle free low cost internet connectivity. This platform will enable each store owner to sell 10,000+ variety of goods and services without investment on stock, due to which store owner will be able to enjoy higher profit margins because zero investment will be blocked forgathering stock. The platform will work completely on virtual showcasing of stock and will only raise an order to the manufacturer when there has been a sale of a product through its retail outlet which would be through cash in advance then the product will be delivered directly to the shop owner within a maximum time of 7 working days depending on type and availability of the product from the date and time of the order placed. The benefits of this platform is not only restricted to the vending outlets this would also benefit the town and village dwellers to purchase huge variety of goods and services at comfort of buying goods from its local village, locality or trusted store just buying paying a small delivery charge and buying at discounted rates instead of travelling huge distances to the nearest town or city to buy the goods which is at a higher expense of time, money & energy.

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