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Help our underprivileged kids for a brighter future

Help our underprivileged kids for a brighter future

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Nungambakkam Community Center- Teach For India
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Alamelu Kathiresan
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Nungambakkam Community Center- Teach For India


Why of the center:The life of an underprivileged student ends between home, tuition and school.  They do not have a space near them where they can pursue their favorite hobbies or a place where they get access to technology or a space where they can feel relaxed by doing something they like, since most of them face domestic violence at their homes..Example: For some they love to explore more about computers while a few are interested in sports. Neither the parents nor the kids find places where they get the required materials and support to pursue their passion.( As we know for some, these hobbies could turn into a livelihood.) So this community center can be a one stop solution for all their co curricular, sports and  extra curricular needs.

What of the center:

A small space will be hired near a slum in the area  of nungambakkam, chennai and the following facilities will be available there

1) Computers with internet


3)Indoor games

4)Outdoor sports kits

5) Arts materials

6) Self learning books for academics as well as extra curricular activities

 And In the weekends, workshops will be conducted with the help of volunteers.And structured courses on various activities like arts , sports will also be conducted here later on.

How the center works:

A person from the same area is hired who will look after the center and the center is open between 4 to 7 pm during weekdays and in weekends between 11 am to 5 pm. Kids can walk in anytime during working hours and make use of the facilities. Kids can gain knowledge by attending workshops on weekends. During weekdays, self learning on their areas of interest can be done with the materials in the center.

A simple breakdown of the funds utilization is given

The items that we will be needing for the center are

1) 2 Computers

2) 2 Tabs with all learning videos.

3) library books

4) Art items

5) Indoor games

6)Outdoor sports kits

7)Wi Fi router

8) Basic Furniture

9)Fans and Lights

10) Self learning books 

Other expenditures include:

1) Advance for the place (20000)

2)Rent of the place for a year(36000)

3) Salary for one person in charge (24000/year)

4) Newspaper cost(2400/year)

5) Operational costs(20000/year)

6)Internet Costs(2000/year)

7)Enrollment costs for exams like olympiad etc.,

The center is next to: Corporation Girls High School,Corporation School Road, Lake Area, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034. So Please do visit us to see how your contributions have been put to use.


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