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Help our farmer kids get education and dignity they deserve.Support Kisaan Sevaks!

Help our farmer kids get education and dignity they deserve.Support Kisaan Sevaks!

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Kisaan Sevak
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Kisaan Sevak


  • About us

  •  Do you know that most of the farmers are cheated as they are illiterates?
  •  Do you know that even a 10th pass out today can't write a few sentences properly?
  •  Do you know that rural India very badly wants to learn?

  • To find solutions for the above, a motivated group of young people had come together with a common vision - to empower our farmer friends, which has led to the formation of "Kisaan Sevaks Foundation".

  • KISAAN SEVAKS FOUNDATION is an initiative by urban youth for rural communities. We want to see India change, We want to be the change that we want to see. We spare couple of hours every weekend to help farmers and children get relevant QUALITY education and decent standard of living, which they are deprived of. Yes, rural India too has a dream. A dream for better tomorrow. Tomorrow filled with dignity. Tomorrow filled with hope. Tomorrow filled with passion.

  • Our sevaks, a group of well-educated chartered accountants, engineers, teachers, doctors, spend the weekend working with the rural groups to bring about a positive difference in their lives. Today’s English based education system has put our rural brothers and sisters in a disadvantageous situation. We work towards solving this Rubik’s cube for them. Our sevaks dedicate few hours of the weekend and impart the basics of education with the rural community.

  • Kisaan Sevaks aims not just at the academic excellence but also the holistic development of an individual.

  • Presently the team has 90 volunteers, few among them attend the farm school and the others helping to build curriculum ,social media handling, planning the micro course .

  • Problem statement

  • Every farmer’s hardwork translates into our daily need of intake. Yet, even today in India, a farmer does not earn a decent livelihood. Owing to the ever increasing poverty trends and unimaginable debt numbers, generation after generation, people are opting out of the noble profession of farming and settling for the urban competitive lives.

  • The following areas have been identified by us as the areas of improvement needed in the rural India:
  • Education
  • Health & Sanitation
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Diversity in opportunities

To begin with, we chose Education as our agenda.

  • We all had access to the best of education facilities and decent living standards, and above all, EXPOSURE to the world and constant MOTIVATION. But what about kids at a remote village?

  • Our first milestone - Depalli

  • We, Kisaan Sevaks, believe that reaching the root cause of one problem at a time would yield better results. Therefore, to begin with, we chose to work for “Depalli”, a remote village in Mehboobnagar district which is 20 km away from the highway many years away from development and decent living standards. The education facility at Depalli is far below the decent required level to sustain in this competitive world.

  • As a result, generation after generation, the quality of life has not improved in this village.

  • Though most of the parents are enthusiastic to give their kids a good quality education, each one of them are afraid to even to think of taking a step towards it due to the following:

  • No English Medium school nearby Depalli Village.
  • Financially backward
  • Lack of transport facility to travel far and study in town

  • Solution

  • We, Kisaan Sevaks, believe that EDUCATION is the only long term solution which can destroy the complicated problems faced in Rural India.

  • We undertake the following activities to achieve our mission:
  • Weekend farm school – sports & activity based learning
  • Every Sunday, over 60 happy kids eagerly wait for the fun-filled learning sessions as a part of our “Farm School”, where in we inculcate activity based learning, reading habits, talent hunt activities, and most importantly, sports.

  • Project UDAAN

  • Aim of Project UDAAN

  • As a part of our Vision, we are striving enable kids at Depalli to get access to good education facility in English Medium, on a daily basis. 

  • We, Kisaan Sevaks, would be enabling a support system for the kids through the following:
  • Enrolling selected kids in English medium school at Shadnagar
  • Arranging daily transport facility to and from school
  • Financial assistance for school fees, stationery and books
  • Mentoring the kids on daily or weekly basis and tracking the progress
  • Mapping the kids’ progress and updating to respective Donors
  • Evening School

  • Upon successful implementation of the weekend farm school along with project UDAAN, but through an deep observation the volunteers found that the kids are developing slowly as they were not used to the school environment, also the school being new one to them they needed little pushing even from the parents and boost their  confidence to face all the new situations. The parents being farmers couldn’t spend time with the kids in pushing them to study even at homes.

  • Then came a thought to the team regarding the night school which runs from evening 6:30pm to 8:00pm.The local students who are pursuing their junior college education were interested to be part of this program’s far of now the aim of the night school is to help students in completion of homework and make them prepare for their exams &tests.
  • Career counselling sessions – Mentorship programme

  • Each high school/ college student is assigned to a mentor, who is responsible for constantly assessing the problems/ challenges faced by the student and promptly solving them in order to remove all possible hindrances in their dream career path.

  • Health campaigns
  • Periodically, we also conduct health check-up and awareness sessions for Depalli and surrounding villages, to promote better health and sanitation habits
  • Vocational training for women

  • Our next milestone is to conduct workshops for women in vocational courses (viz., Terracota jewellery, handicrafts, fabric painting, jute bag making, etc.,) which would aid them eventually as an additional source of income for the family.

In coming 6 months, we wish to replicate all the above activities in at least 2 other villages.

We still have a long way to go. We still have Gandhiji’s words to abide by – “the future of India lies in its villages”. Kadam Kadam badate rahenge, khushi ke geet gaate rahenge. JAIHIND ! JAI JAWAN JAI KISAAN !

  • How many people will be positively impacted and in what way?

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It's every child right to get education.You can be their hope.

Please contribute generously to the cause of Kisaan Sevaks to support us and also share the word further amongst your friends and family.


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