Help our Cerbrally palsied and Mentally Retarded children

By Ravi Palani

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Help our Cerbrally palsied and Mentally Retarded children - story -1Hariksha Learning Centre is located in the Rural Area (Avalurpet) End of the Villupuram District boundary (starting of Tiruvannamalai District).  


We are providing one time nutritious meal to the children, Milk & Biscuits in the morning break session and Boiled nuts / Fruits in the evening break session.  


Our Learning Centre is equipped with the therapy equipment, Special Education Teaching Materials, Professionals, Trained Teachers, Devoted Care takers, Cook, Driver, Volunteers and Team Members.  


Every day the crippled children are picked from their door steps by a school van.  

The staff team members accompany with the van every day morning and evening to take care and ensure the safety of the children.

Goukul is 16 Year boy, living with the parents Elangovan and pararmeswari and with the brother in Kapplambadi Village. He joined Learning Centre on 4th December 2008.At the time of admission Goukul is not able to move, if we laid down in the floor he will stay as we put, Due to this we can find the hair in his back head is not present, he use to suck his right hand, saliva discharge, he is not able to his any article/object. As he is laying in a same place (immovable), passing urine without any indication and due to the saliva-flies make disturb to him. He is not able to speak single word.


Now he can sit with the support of Corner sheet, he also use to sit for a while without corner sheet support. If we put him down in the floor he use to crawl and move himself. With calliper use he can stand in the standing frame for ½ hour duration, he can also practice walking with calliper. He can say the words aunty, grandma. The saliva discharge from his mouth is reduced. He can understand the communication, if we put the dolls in front of him and instructed to take the doll he can take it.

 Now also he use to urinate in the laying position, but he can express it by calling grandma. If anybody not listen his voice he use to pull their dress to seek the attention. If he feels hungry he use to cry, the care taker has to give priority to him during the feeding time otherwise he will cry. He can recognize the staff team members anywhere. During the weekend visit to his house he eagerly try to communicate with the staff tem members by calling grandma.

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