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Hello to all the believers of dreams. My name is Onmichon Ramrar, an aspiring 20 year old college student. I grew up in a typical (lower)middle-class Indian family. I'm sure you know how the struggle is if you're one. Well, if you're fortunate to be from a higher class I'll tell you what it's like. It's like this, your parents, your society does not encourage you to take risks or anything that involves money or allow you to waste time(profession) on anything they feel is not "reputable". For them the ideal type/the purpose of life was to get educated, get a stable govt. job and sustain yourself and get married, have children and die. I tell you what, it is very dangerous to be around people with this mentality because they clog the individual's innovativeness, creativity and liberty of the mind. The teach you to become ordinary. Well I was tired of this "play it safe" kind of mindset I was brought up with. I have learned that nothing great ever came out of being ordinary. I believe that is was not failure which was to be feared. Not failure but low aim was the crime, because in the greatest attempts it is glorious even to fail. It so happened that one day I was reading a biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. I found out that Jobs was the owner of Apple and a multi-millionaire by the time he was just 25 years of age. A man who made the intersection of humanity and technology possible. A revolutionary. This hit me really hard. I thought about how I've wasted my entire twenty years doing nothing, have done nothing for humanity, never thought to be different. So I decided that I wasn't going to be this philosophical, passive, resentful, lazy ass. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to be in charge of my future. I wanted to be able to call something truly "mine" by the time I'll be 21 at the same time to be able to contribute to the society. That's when it hit me that I could actually start a business of my own. I don't know when exactly the idea of a photo booth dawned on me. I did a little search on the net, I came to know that none of the 7 states in North East(NE) part of India had a photobooth in their present or entire commercial history(not sure about Guwahati)! So I got very excited because this was actually something feasible since it didn't involve some crazy amount of money. But what gave me more happiness was that if I could work out this idea into reality, I'd actually be someone who helped in the development of a city. It doesn't matter if it was in a big way or small. I'm happy to be doing anything to contribute. The idea of a photo-booth was really great because my target audience were students. I wanted to add fun to their lives. And Shillong is an educational hub of the NE region with students increasing every damn year. I'd make it an affordable service, cheap even. Because that's what I would have really liked too. If there was ever a photo booth in Shillong which comes at an affordable cost I would have definitely visited it for the heck of it and I know a lot of students will have this mindset. That's when I knew this business wasn't gonna be a failure. And if I profit from this I want it to go to my tuition fees. I want to pay my own tuition fees or start a riskier venture with the profit. But tbh, I'll tell you what, even if I don't profit at all, so long as I can run the booth and can keep up with the maintenance and pay the rent and staff I'll be happy. So let's get to the money part. I know Rs.4,50,000 sounds like a lot. I could've asked my parents money for this small venture but earlier as I have given the synopsis of the mentality of middle class people I knew they were gonna disapprove and instead tell me to just concentrate on my studies anyway. They still think a rolling stone gathers no moss. But I can't recall one great dreamer, one achiever, one thinker who didn't think outside the box of their time. So I won't bother asking them to fund me and also I wanted to start this venture to be independent so asking them would be a breach of my discipline. ● Automatic photo booths are costly, look them up online. (At least 1.90 lakhs). ●I have a location in mind about the booth to be set up(Don Bosco Square,Shillong). Since it's a commercial area the rent is going to be high. ●I'm going to place this booth inside a room to make it vandal-proof and for security reasons. ●The place(room) where I'm going keep the photo is a neglected and old building. I have to renovate it. ● Interior and exterior designs. ●Pay manual labours and staff( just one probably). So you can please do the math and see that my demand for the amount of the fund is actually a reasonable one and that I'm not trying to cheat any thing out if you. So, if you believe in me as much as I do and is willing to help I would be so grateful. You don't have to donate lakhs. Just a few thousands and if everyone who've read this did the same it would amount to what I'm asking for in no time. And time is a factor for me. I'll be graduating this year by April. So I really want it to be done soon. Thank you all for reading.

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