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Dear Sir/Mam,

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Naveen Sharma. I am a B.Tech graduate from NIT, Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh in 1997-2001 batch. I worked as software professional at various capacities in many MNCs. I used to be a travel freak during my professional tenure & nature/mountains always fascinated me. I am certified A+ grade trekker & Himachal being my home state, I used to visit it a lot for my adventure tales.

It is during these tours, I realized that climate has started behaving strangely & weirdly specially in the last 15 years. I started reading/researching about it & started collecting data about it. That’s where I found the major areas of concern:

1. Population increase

2. Deforestation

3. Increase in the number of vehicles

4. Mindless construction

5. Global warming

I visited various agencies & collect exact data on these topics & I was shocked to see the catastrophic effect of all above factors that the average temperature of hill cities of Himachal Pradesh has increased by an astonishing 6 degrees in last 30 years.

I got worried & visited various Govt offices with my concerns & I asked what steps they are taking about it but didn't get a satisfactory answer. I tried educating people by organizing educative programs for them during my free time but I realized I was not having enough time due to my professional commitments.

I was so moved that I left my job & moved to Himachal & started working as a freelance professional so that I could work on this goal of saving my mother land.

I figured out that not cutting trees is almost impossible in the emerging need of development/infrastructure etc. I am not against development, but we are not compensating for the harm which we are causing for it. So, I came to a conclusion that planting more trees, intensifying our forest cover & protecting it religiously is the only possible solution. So I concentrated on two parallel programs.

1. Planting trees on Govt./Private land (Trees which grow fast & require minimum care once grown up). For this, I gathered information from our agricultural university in Palampur.

2. Educating people in which ways they can contribute to protect the environment. (Like I try to convince them not to burn the waste in dustbins but to bury it in land)

Once again, I ran from pillar to post in various Govt agencies to support my cause but didn't get any support. All I got were mere promises.

But, I haven't given up. In fact, now I have decided to expand. I have chosen one town as my Pilot Project & I believe if I am able to do this successfully, I might get some support from the Govt. Here is what my plan is.

I'll start from my housing society. I'll install solid waste management system & ask the residents to stop burning the waste.

I already have volunteers from various schools. We'll start planting trees & will protect them. The volunteers will be suitably rewarded for their work

I'll get few things printed & start moving door to door with my team to educate people.

Since, I have been doing this all alone, I need support from every sphere of the society. The estimated cost for the solid waste management plant, trees for plantation etc. is close to 10 lacs. 

I am looking forward for support & I think whoever is concerned with environment can feel the pain of the nature.

Whatever donations you give, you'll start receiving progress report fortnightly.

 If you would like to talk to me or meet me to understand what I am doing & how, you can meet me at the address below or you can call me to meet you if you think you can help me in any way in working towards my goal:

Naveen Sharma

House no # 35,Housing Board Colony,

Bindraban, Palampur, Distt- Kangra (H.P.) – 176061

Contact # +91 97 36 288022, 98 18 358334

Email #

Account Details for Donation:

Account number – 093601501912

A/C holder’s Name – Naveen Sharma

Bank – ICICI Bank

Branch – Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

IFSC Code – ICIC0000936

Thanks & regards,


P.S. I have made few presentations on above topic. You can me for more details

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